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AuctionZip is the fast and easy way to promote your auctions. With the Auctionzip Auction Search, Auction goers everywhere will know about your auctions. Submitting an auction to Auctionzip is Fast and Easy -- Our auction submission form can be completed in minutes. If you would like to submit your listing by Fax or Mail, Click Here for information.

Why Should you try Auctionzip ??

The biggest problem you face as an auctioneer is how to advertise and promote your auctions. You are faced with many advertising choices, deadlines, and high cost; all making your job more difficult and cutting into your profit margin. You spend your dollars on advertising, never knowing if it's really working for you.

Here are 4 important ways AuctionZip will help YOU !!


Auctionzip gives you amazing flexibility... With Auctionzip, there are no advertising deadlines... you may place a listing as early or as late as you wish. Auctionzip allows you to make additions to your Auction listing at any time. Additions are posted immediately allowing you to notify auction goers of last minute finds, Changes in Auction details, or answer frequently asked questions.


There is no charge to register to use AuctionZip, and auctioneers can list auctions for the low fee of $20 per listing, with unlimited photos.


You as the auctioneer will be able to reach unlimited auction goers. Local Auction goers will easily find your auctions on our Auction Calendar. You will also reach auction goers from outside your usual area of advertising with our Auction Search. A few new faces at your auctions means bigger prices for your consigner... and larger commisions for you!!


At AuctionZip, we work for you, the auctioneer. Auctioneers who place their listings with Auctionzip will have the opportunity to receive valuable exposure with our Auctioneer of the Week, Top 5 most viewed Auctions list, and Top 10 Most Viewed Auctioneers list.

We would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions you may have for the Auctionzip website. Contact us at [email protected]