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Victor Victrola Talking Machine

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In Working Condition with numerous records. Mahogany Cabinet, brass adorned, measures 50x21x21. In 1908, Victor introduced a super-deluxe VTLA model, advertised as "Victrola the Twentieth" (although this model was confusingly still tagged "VTLA"). This phonograph featured ornate carving (most versions had gold gilding covering the carving as well) and a unique "V" shaped mahogany veneer on the front doors (left). Selling for a whopping $300.00, this model was too expensive for the buying public, and it was discontinued in 1909. Unfortunately, "XX" production was intermixed with "XVI" models, and there is no unique dataplate identification to differentiate between the deluxe (XX) and standard (XVI) models. Thus, there is no clear way to determine how many XX's were made. Best current estimates are that less than 500 were produced. At present, the earliest existent documented XX is s/n 4453 and the latest one is s/n 8655. Of course, many standard VTLA's are intermixed within that number range. This is serial number 5513.

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  • Sold For: $10,648.00
  • On: Aug 31, 2016
  • City: Biddeford
  • State: ME

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