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LYN LIECHTY AUCTIONS Child's Sewing Machine

LYN LIECHTY AUCTIONS   Child's Sewing Machine Click photo to Enlarge

Item Description

This antique child's Singer Sewing Machine came with its original box. The selling price on the box was $3.00. We sold it at a Lyn Liechty Auction in Hudson, Mi. on Saturday, April 30, 2011 for $240.00! A very nice return on the original investment! The one big negative is that the buyer accused us of having a "phantom bidder." We were very offended because in nearly thirty years of auctioneering, I have never, ever ran a bid on anybody. The buyer continued with her accusation even after I sold it, I let her know who she was bidding against. We run straight and honest auctins and I fervently hope this buyer happens to reas this so she understands fully just how offensive we found her comments. Personally, I think this item was probably worth more. I have never seen one in such perfect condition.

Sale Details

  • Sold For: $240.00
  • On: Apr 30, 2011
  • City: Hudson
  • State: Mi

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