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LYN LIECHTY AUCTIONS Barrister's bookcases

LYN LIECHTY AUCTIONS  Barrister's bookcases Click photo to Enlarge

Item Description

As you might see from the photo, these three wood barrister or lawyer bookcases were somewhat hidden for personal inspection. When they came out of the house I could see damage I was not previously aware of. That affected my pre-auction expectations. These were all sold on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at an auction held at Somerset Lake, Mi. They were sold choice out, and one bookcase when to a single buyer for $160.00 while the remaining two bookcases went to a second buyer for $110.00 a piece. The total for all three was $380.00. When the economy was in much better condition, I would have received that amount or more for a single bookcase!

Sale Details

  • Sold For: $380.00
  • On: Oct 16, 2010
  • City: Cement City
  • State: Mi

Seller Information