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  • Sheffield Farm Toy

    Sheffield Farm Toy

  • Finland Art Glass Vase

    Finland Art Glass Vase

  • Silver Reales Coin +

    Silver Reales Coin +

  • BIG Crams world globe

    BIG Crams world globe

  • Jade pendant 14K

    Jade pendant 14K

  • Bow Port Ship Lantern

    Bow Port Ship Lantern

  • 3 Beatles albums Vinyl

    3 Beatles albums Vinyl

  • vintage clothing lots

    vintage clothing lots

  • Native American lots

    Native American lots

  • Amber 925 pend neck

    Amber 925 pend neck

  • cast iron bench arms

    cast iron bench arms

  • Arrow Head collection

    Arrow Head collection

  • Barbie & others LOT

    Barbie & others LOT

  • several dairy lots

    several dairy lots

  • Fairbanks Scale

    Fairbanks Scale

  • C


  • Bose speakers PAIR

    Bose speakers PAIR

  • several Pyrex lots

    several Pyrex lots

  • painted trencher

    painted trencher

  • vintage mixed lot NICE

    vintage mixed lot NICE

  • Egyptian pend/pencil

    Egyptian pend/pencil

  • Boston Fire Dept. hats

    Boston Fire Dept. hats

  • 1800's Bible LOT

    1800's Bible LOT

  • YMC classical guitar

    YMC classical guitar

  • Early butter churn

    Early butter churn

  • several lic plate lots

    several lic plate lots

  • cross, mourning hair pc

    cross, mourning hair pc

  • signed oil painting

    signed oil painting

  • Hubley Dog Doorstop

    Hubley Dog Doorstop

  • Vintage Guages LOT

    Vintage Guages LOT

  • Childs holster LOT

    Childs holster LOT

  • Large JADE pin

    Large JADE pin

  • Vintage doorknobs LOT

    Vintage doorknobs LOT

  • EGO yard tools NICE

    EGO yard tools NICE

  • EGO lawn mower NICE

    EGO lawn mower NICE

  • cap gun LOTS

    cap gun LOTS

  • LARGE metal sign

    LARGE metal sign

  • Estwing marked tool

    Estwing marked tool

  • Several signed nudes

    Several signed nudes

  • Several Coin LOTS

    Several Coin LOTS

  • MCM Macrame hanger

    MCM Macrame hanger

  • Love Token Jewelry

    Love Token Jewelry

  • part of love token LOT

    part of love token LOT

  • Early tree climbers

    Early tree climbers

  • WWI military LOT

    WWI military LOT

  • 2 lens traffice light WORKS

    2 lens traffice light WORKS

  • Weller pedestal

    Weller pedestal