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  • Antique cast Hitching Post

    Antique cast Hitching Post

  • Early trunk

    Early trunk

  • Early Smoking Pipe Display

    Early Smoking Pipe Display

  • Cast iron pig

    Cast iron pig

  • Hoosier


  • Antique Porcelain stove

    Antique Porcelain stove

  • Large Copper pot

    Large Copper pot

  • Mid-century childs rocker

    Mid-century childs rocker

  • Brass propeller

    Brass propeller

  • Vintage Plastic Mickey bank

    Vintage Plastic Mickey bank

  • Early school desk

    Early school desk

  • Nice Country Table

    Nice Country Table

  • Old Postal Bench/organizer

    Old Postal Bench/organizer

  • Antique Oak Chair

    Antique Oak Chair

  • Childs saddle with stand

    Childs saddle with stand

  • Marx ride on toy

    Marx ride on toy

  • Antique stained glass

    Antique stained glass

  • Antique quilt

    Antique quilt

  • Another stained glass window

    Another stained glass window

  • Early cast boot scrape

    Early cast boot scrape

  • Vintage shooting toy

    Vintage shooting toy

  • Vintage toy

    Vintage toy

  • Vintage slot car track

    Vintage slot car track

  • All copper milk can

    All copper milk can

  • Vintage slot car track

    Vintage slot car track

  • Mid century

    Mid century

  • Mid century Highboy

    Mid century Highboy

  • Cast pot

    Cast pot

  • Juke box

    Juke box

  • AMI Jukebox

    AMI Jukebox

  • Peddle tractor

    Peddle tractor

  • Peddle tractor

    Peddle tractor

  • Peddle car

    Peddle car

  • LeCreuset


  • Scale


  • Double sided TAXI sign

    Double sided TAXI sign

  • 1881


  • Concrete urns

    Concrete urns

  • Snowshoes


  • LeCreuset


  • Sword


  • Vintage tackle box

    Vintage tackle box

  • Silver coins

    Silver coins

  • Silver coins

    Silver coins

  • Silver dimes

    Silver dimes

  • Silver half dollars

    Silver half dollars

  • Silver half dollars

    Silver half dollars

  • 1964 Half Dollars

    1964 Half Dollars

  • Silver quarters

    Silver quarters

  • Silver half dollars

    Silver half dollars

  • Pre 1964 nickels

    Pre 1964 nickels

  • Silver bars

    Silver bars

  • Silver


  • Silver


  • GAMING silver coins

    GAMING silver coins

  • Silver bars

    Silver bars

  • Silver


  • Childs Compound Bow

    Childs Compound Bow

  • Bear bow

    Bear bow

  • 4 tall wagon wheels

    4 tall wagon wheels

  • Freezer


  • Old Poker chips

    Old Poker chips

  • Wood chicken

    Wood chicken

  • Leather Power Recliner

    Leather Power Recliner

  • Craze 2 childs Bow

    Craze 2 childs Bow

  • Large basket

    Large basket

  • Power cart carrier

    Power cart carrier

  • Work bench

    Work bench

  • Old medicine cabinet

    Old medicine cabinet

  • Early brass candle holders

    Early brass candle holders

  • Ornate


  • Railroad lights

    Railroad lights

  • New tarps

    New tarps

  • New tap & die set

    New tap & die set

  • Comics


  • Gamer lot

    Gamer lot

  • Paint


  • Records


  • Plastic bank

    Plastic bank

  • Gun holsters

    Gun holsters

  • Vintage comics

    Vintage comics

  • Records


  • Plastic bank

    Plastic bank

  • Brass fire extinguisher lamp

    Brass fire extinguisher lamp

  • Glass sign

    Glass sign

  • Micro machines

    Micro machines

  • New security system

    New security system

  • Old cork gun

    Old cork gun

  • Matchbox as found

    Matchbox as found

  • Brass dock cleat

    Brass dock cleat

  • Sword


  • ADS L1090/2 speakers

    ADS L1090/2 speakers

  • 50 smart tv

    50 smart tv

  • Curio


  • New electrical boxes

    New electrical boxes

  • Outdoor chairs

    Outdoor chairs

  • Kitchen lot

    Kitchen lot

  • Metal sign

    Metal sign

  • Ruining bench grinder

    Ruining bench grinder

  • New humidifier

    New humidifier

  • Copper


  • Ryobi with blades

    Ryobi with blades

  • Weber


  • Moto-Lita steering wheel

    Moto-Lita steering wheel

  • Ties


  • Early Lionel

    Early Lionel

  • Converse


  • New garden chimes

    New garden chimes

  • Records


  • New lighting

    New lighting

  • Jack Daniels light

    Jack Daniels light

  • New Solar lights

    New Solar lights

  • Records


  • Metal sign

    Metal sign

  • 6x6x4 shed

    6x6x4 shed

  • Wedgewood


  • Drawings


  • Painters lot

    Painters lot

  • Collector spoons

    Collector spoons

  • Old Flatware

    Old Flatware

  • Vintage Collectible dolls

    Vintage Collectible dolls

  • Banjo


  • New tools

    New tools

  • New heaters

    New heaters

  • 1937 NYC Drivers Badge

    1937 NYC Drivers Badge

  • Lead soldiers

    Lead soldiers

  • Carved wood

    Carved wood

  • New clothing

    New clothing

  • Air tools

    Air tools

  • Double sided metal sign

    Double sided metal sign

  • New /vintage Teddy Ruxpin

    New /vintage Teddy Ruxpin

  • New Drone

    New Drone

  • Gold coins

    Gold coins

  • Street Fighter silver coin

    Street Fighter silver coin

  • 10 x 20 car pot /shed

    10 x 20 car pot /shed