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  • 60's Indians Bobble Head

    60's Indians Bobble Head

  • Lawson's Co. Newsletters

    Lawson's Co. Newsletters

  • Cuyahoga Falls 1937 trade Expo

    Cuyahoga Falls 1937 trade Expo

  • Army third division book

    Army third division book

  • Indian Head pennies

    Indian Head pennies

  • over $30.00 silver dimes

    over $30.00 silver dimes

  • Wyandot Car and Camper

    Wyandot Car and Camper

  • 50's? Baseball uniform

    50's? Baseball uniform

  • Close -up Tag

    Close -up Tag

  • 14 K Rings

    14 K Rings

  • 14K Gold Rings

    14K Gold Rings

  • Pyrex Bowl set

    Pyrex Bowl set

  • Copper Canister Set

    Copper Canister Set

  • 200+ Matchbooks

    200+ Matchbooks

  • Vintage Cameras

    Vintage Cameras

  • Arrowheads


  • Lawson's Milk Bottles

    Lawson's Milk Bottles

  • Akron Pure Milk bottles

    Akron Pure Milk bottles

  • Dietz Lanterns

    Dietz Lanterns

  • Western Rotary telephone

    Western Rotary telephone

  • Royal #5 Typewriter

    Royal #5 Typewriter

  • lots of 45's (50's /60's)

    lots of 45's (50's /60's)

  • 60's Children's puzzless

    60's Children's puzzless

  • 100's of wooden Spools

    100's of wooden Spools

  • White Dover Ironstone

    White Dover Ironstone

  • Hall Bowls

    Hall Bowls

  • Community Silverplate

    Community Silverplate

  • Hundred's of Books

    Hundred's of Books

  • Clancy / Hoag and more

    Clancy / Hoag and more

  • Patterson, Baldacci

    Patterson, Baldacci

  • 33 1/3 LP's

    33 1/3 LP's

  • Firestone racing jacket

    Firestone racing jacket

  • Studebaker adv. thermostat

    Studebaker adv. thermostat

  • Vintage outdoor planters

    Vintage outdoor planters

  • 4 sets total

    4 sets total

  • Dormitory Fridge

    Dormitory Fridge

  • Weedeater leaf blower GAS

    Weedeater leaf blower GAS

  • Step tool planting caddy

    Step tool planting caddy

  • Black Decker edger

    Black Decker edger

  • Toro Snow blower

    Toro Snow blower

  • BS Merit badges

    BS Merit badges

  • U S Army Patches

    U S Army Patches

  • Primitive display

    Primitive display

  • I have no words...

    I have no words...

  • Blue glass

    Blue glass

  • 7 Up Crate

    7 Up Crate

  • Ron's Vice

    Ron's Vice

  • hand painted nativity set

    hand painted nativity set

  • Retro serving set

    Retro serving set

  • Visio Sound Bar

    Visio Sound Bar

  • Vacuum Sweeper

    Vacuum Sweeper

  • 10K Gold Bracelet

    10K Gold Bracelet

  • Sets of 10K Earrings

    Sets of 10K Earrings

  • framed lithos

    framed lithos

  • Pocket watch w/Stand

    Pocket watch w/Stand

  • 1947-52. yearbooks

    1947-52. yearbooks

  • Japanese jewelry set

    Japanese jewelry set

  • hand crochet Doilies

    hand crochet Doilies

  • Sterling Silver

    Sterling Silver

  • All kinds braclets

    All kinds braclets

  • Bob Lemon Autograph

    Bob Lemon Autograph

  • Complete Workshop

    Complete Workshop

  • Cleveland Indian Autographs

    Cleveland Indian Autographs

  • porch Swing w/pads

    porch Swing w/pads

  • Beer Keg super cooler

    Beer Keg super cooler

  • Wooden Tool box

    Wooden Tool box

  • Nice Sectional

    Nice Sectional

  • Firestone employee jacket

    Firestone employee jacket

  • Cuyahoga Falls History

    Cuyahoga Falls History

  • Primitive Farm Tools

    Primitive Farm Tools

  • Sports and Concert Tickets

    Sports and Concert Tickets

  • Stone Table

    Stone Table

  • Revere 1940's Film Camera

    Revere 1940's Film Camera

  • Homer Laughlin China

    Homer Laughlin China

  • X box

    X box

  • controls


  • Vizio Sound Bar

    Vizio Sound Bar

  • Packed sewing kit

    Packed sewing kit

  • Thomas Kinkade prints

    Thomas Kinkade prints

  • Broyhill couch and love seat

    Broyhill couch and love seat

  • toy crib

    toy crib

  • claw foot round table

    claw foot round table

  • Antique dresser and mirrior

    Antique dresser and mirrior

  • 3 drawer secretary

    3 drawer secretary

  • Cuyahoga Falls class of 52

    Cuyahoga Falls class of 52

  • Broyhill bedroom set

    Broyhill bedroom set

  • 6 pieces

    6 pieces

  • wooden rocker

    wooden rocker

  • 1 of many quilts

    1 of many quilts

  • more quilts

    more quilts

  • lots of C D's

    lots of C D's

  • Hull pottery

    Hull pottery

  • desk top organizer

    desk top organizer

  • China cabinet , table, chairs

    China cabinet , table, chairs

  • large vaaaase

    large vaaaase

  • unopened laundry hanger

    unopened laundry hanger

  • Northampton dairy bottles

    Northampton dairy bottles

  • 48 star US flag

    48 star US flag

  • Vintage wool dress

    Vintage wool dress

  • 60's formal ware

    60's formal ware

  • oerenital patteren dress

    oerenital patteren dress

  • 60's dress

    60's dress

  • flatware


  • Bin full of bears

    Bin full of bears

  • Northern girl prints

    Northern girl prints

  • oriental prints

    oriental prints

  • Cancer soiety Christmas ornaments

    Cancer soiety Christmas ornaments

  • 20 Ohio plates

    20 Ohio plates

  • Costume Jewelry

    Costume Jewelry

  • costume jewelry

    costume jewelry

  • still more jewelry

    still more jewelry

  • turquoise rings

    turquoise rings

  • More Costume

    More Costume

  • micky mouse watch

    micky mouse watch

  • more watghes

    more watghes

  • Old postcards

    Old postcards

  • CFS Sesquicentennial

    CFS Sesquicentennial

  • Proof sets

    Proof sets

  • more proof sets

    more proof sets

  • $2.00 bills MINT

    $2.00 bills MINT

  • nesting bowls

    nesting bowls

  • Silver dollars

    Silver dollars

  • 1964 Proof set

    1964 Proof set

  • Guerin Watch

    Guerin Watch

  • tool sets

    tool sets