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  • Americana


  • Abundance of Turquoise jewelry

    Abundance of Turquoise jewelry

  • FINE 12 Tune Muisic Box w/drums/bells

    FINE 12 Tune Muisic Box w/drums/bells

  • Whitney Hobby Horse

    Whitney Hobby Horse

  • Simon Karczmar oil(1903-82)

    Simon Karczmar oil(1903-82)

  • Superlative Oak China Cabinet

    Superlative Oak China Cabinet

  • Pima Basket w/figures

    Pima Basket w/figures

  • 19c. Meiji Bronze Vase

    19c. Meiji Bronze Vase

  • Articulated Japanese Crayfish

    Articulated Japanese Crayfish

  • Louis Elshemius(1864-1941)

    Louis Elshemius(1864-1941)

  • Fine Squash Blossom Necklace w/arrow mk.

    Fine Squash Blossom Necklace w/arrow mk.

  • Various Turquoise!

    Various Turquoise!

  • Eldred figured Maple Table

    Eldred figured Maple Table

  • Stoddard Keene Eagle Flask

    Stoddard Keene Eagle Flask

  • Document Box w/Northampton Maker>>

    Document Box w/Northampton Maker>>

  • Miles Printer's Proof Press

    Miles Printer's Proof Press

  • ca.1830 Seth Thomas

    ca.1830 Seth Thomas



  • sgnd Kristen Gipson monotypes!

    sgnd Kristen Gipson monotypes!

  • Walnut gothis Child's Chair

    Walnut gothis Child's Chair

  • More Turquoise1

    More Turquoise1

  • pre-1862 hand drawn Schoolgirl Map

    pre-1862 hand drawn Schoolgirl Map

  • Fred Press(1919-2012)

    Fred Press(1919-2012)

  • Fred Press signature

    Fred Press signature

  • Danish mid century pottery

    Danish mid century pottery

  • Old Pawn Siver saucer bead necklace,etc.

    Old Pawn Siver saucer bead necklace,etc.

  • Cameo lot

    Cameo lot

  • Fine Swiss 12 Tune Music Box with..>

    Fine Swiss 12 Tune Music Box with..>

  • Drum+Bells!


  • Working!


  • Highly Carved Oriental nesting Table Set

    Highly Carved Oriental nesting Table Set

  • Tools incl:ANtq.Levels

    Tools incl:ANtq.Levels

  • Concrete Stag

    Concrete Stag

  • 10k Gold w/Blue Topaz

    10k Gold w/Blue Topaz

  • Rustic Antler Chandelier

    Rustic Antler Chandelier

  • Dr.Mile's Advertizing Printers...

    Dr.Mile's Advertizing Printers...

  • Proof Press

    Proof Press

  • 19c.Snuff Box Lot

    19c.Snuff Box Lot



  • Period,pos.Ct,Tiger Maple,36"wide!

    Period,pos.Ct,Tiger Maple,36"wide!

  • w/Fine Blocked interior!

    w/Fine Blocked interior!

  • Nice Petite Size

    Nice Petite Size

  • Dvtld Bracket

    Dvtld Bracket

  • Early Eagle Flasks

    Early Eagle Flasks

  • 19c.transferware lot

    19c.transferware lot

  • Vt.Maple Dugaring Hooked Rug

    Vt.Maple Dugaring Hooked Rug

  • SW Redware pottery Olla

    SW Redware pottery Olla

  • Quartz w/Gold

    Quartz w/Gold

  • 19c.Meiji Bronze

    19c.Meiji Bronze

  • Double Salamander vase

    Double Salamander vase

  • Meiji Touchmark

    Meiji Touchmark

  • Superlative Fncy Oak China cabinet

    Superlative Fncy Oak China cabinet

  • w/figural carving

    w/figural carving

  • Early refinished Pipe Box

    Early refinished Pipe Box

  • US Proof+Unc,Coin lots

    US Proof+Unc,Coin lots

  • More Turquoise!

    More Turquoise!

  • sgnd Kristen Gipson Monotypes

    sgnd Kristen Gipson Monotypes

  • Japanese Articulated Cray fish

    Japanese Articulated Cray fish

  • signed Crayfish

    signed Crayfish

  • Turquoise ring lot

    Turquoise ring lot

  • Mid Century Danish Pottery

    Mid Century Danish Pottery

  • Cornucopia+....>


  • Urn Flask

    Urn Flask

  • Stoddard Umbrella Ink,etc

    Stoddard Umbrella Ink,etc

  • Document Box w...>19c.

    Document Box w...>19c.

  • Boston Maker

    Boston Maker

  • Horn Lot

    Horn Lot

  • Nice Whitney Reed Rocking Horse

    Nice Whitney Reed Rocking Horse

  • Horse even has metal shoes

    Horse even has metal shoes

  • Horse labeled

    Horse labeled

  • Elshemius"Samoan Landscape

    Elshemius"Samoan Landscape

  • Elshemius signature

    Elshemius signature

  • Pearls w/orig.receipt>

    Pearls w/orig.receipt>

  • Hans Bohler,1884-1961, orig.charcoal

    Hans Bohler,1884-1961, orig.charcoal

  • Hans Bohler

    Hans Bohler

  • G.Silva Santamaria,Columbian,1921-2007

    G.Silva Santamaria,Columbian,1921-2007

  • Joseph Pressmane,1904-67

    Joseph Pressmane,1904-67

  • Gilt Mirror

    Gilt Mirror

  • Lg.Advertzng Poster

    Lg.Advertzng Poster

  • Mahogany Writing Table

    Mahogany Writing Table

  • 19c.China Export

    19c.China Export

  • ca.1900 Pima Basket w/women

    ca.1900 Pima Basket w/women

  • Pima


  • Other Baskets

    Other Baskets

  • SW?Redware Potytery Pot;

    SW?Redware Potytery Pot;

  • Printers Hi-Lo Gauge

    Printers Hi-Lo Gauge

  • 19c.Gerundal Candleabra set

    19c.Gerundal Candleabra set

  • Many Jewelry Lots!

    Many Jewelry Lots!

  • Trampart,woven Triinket Box lot

    Trampart,woven Triinket Box lot

  • ca.1840 EAPG,Cup Plates,etc.lot

    ca.1840 EAPG,Cup Plates,etc.lot

  • Lg.Linen lot

    Lg.Linen lot

  • LG.lot Depression incl.Cambridge

    LG.lot Depression incl.Cambridge

  • Sterling Charm Bracelet

    Sterling Charm Bracelet

  • Inuit Watch Band

    Inuit Watch Band

  • Ms.Thomas's 1929 Wedding dress,Mint

    Ms.Thomas's 1929 Wedding dress,Mint

  • Nifty Complicated Stand

    Nifty Complicated Stand

  • 1904 Mil.Corps+WW2 KaBar

    1904 Mil.Corps+WW2 KaBar

  • Lithographer's Block

    Lithographer's Block

  • ca.1850 Staffordshire Sugar

    ca.1850 Staffordshire Sugar







  • Sterling


  • Frnciscn,Apple Blssm+Stangl,Gold Harvest

    Frnciscn,Apple Blssm+Stangl,Gold Harvest

  • Stengl Blueberry

    Stengl Blueberry

  • Limoges set

    Limoges set

  • Vintage English Dunelt Men's Bike

    Vintage English Dunelt Men's Bike

  • Nifty Art Deco China/Curio cabinet

    Nifty Art Deco China/Curio cabinet

  • Guilford Spring Water Bottle

    Guilford Spring Water Bottle

  • Leo Sarkadi,1879-1947

    Leo Sarkadi,1879-1947

  • Pre 1863 Hand Drawn Schoolgirl Map

    Pre 1863 Hand Drawn Schoolgirl Map

  • Sally King #1

    Sally King #1

  • Western Territory

    Western Territory

  • Many waterways(highways of 19c)

    Many waterways(highways of 19c)

  • No West Virginia

    No West Virginia

  • 3 Lg.Outsider Art pcs.

    3 Lg.Outsider Art pcs.

  • Toleware lot

    Toleware lot

  • SP,3d.last Supper

    SP,3d.last Supper

  • Spain


  • Early Vt. Paper Lot!

    Early Vt. Paper Lot!

  • w/many interesting News items

    w/many interesting News items

  • Interestng Notices+advrtsmnts

    Interestng Notices+advrtsmnts

  • Extraordinary Cow!

    Extraordinary Cow!

  • Smut Machine

    Smut Machine

  • LaFayette


  • Jewelry lot incl>>

    Jewelry lot incl>>

  • Jenson


  • Molding Plane Lot

    Molding Plane Lot

  • Tool Lot

    Tool Lot

  • Tool,etc.lot


  • Turquoise earring lot

    Turquoise earring lot

  • Turquoise necklace Lot

    Turquoise necklace Lot

  • Pr.Turq.Cuff Bracelets

    Pr.Turq.Cuff Bracelets

  • Pendant lot

    Pendant lot

  • Other B-lets incl.Zuni+>>

    Other B-lets incl.Zuni+>>

  • Navajo


  • Proof+Unc.Coin Sets

    Proof+Unc.Coin Sets

  • artst sgd 24"Vienna Fish Platter

    artst sgd 24"Vienna Fish Platter

  • Buffalo Pottry"Deldare"

    Buffalo Pottry"Deldare"

  • Moser Berry

    Moser Berry

  • Asian incl.Sgd Satsuma Vase

    Asian incl.Sgd Satsuma Vase

  • Ephemera Lot incl.Worlds Fair,Tool Catlg

    Ephemera Lot incl.Worlds Fair,Tool Catlg

  • JR Buffler painting lot

    JR Buffler painting lot

  • Jewelry


  • lg.cast iron

    lg.cast iron

  • Lots w/nifty things

    Lots w/nifty things

  • Jewelry lot

    Jewelry lot

  • 19c.Deeds+ some>>>

    19c.Deeds+ some>>>

  • Civil war bounties

    Civil war bounties

  • Leather olla

    Leather olla

  • Amberina Ball Shade+Lighting

    Amberina Ball Shade+Lighting

  • Various Smalls Lots

    Various Smalls Lots

  • Various good smalls lots

    Various good smalls lots

  • Am.Brilliant Cut Glass

    Am.Brilliant Cut Glass

  • Hobbs Francisware,Vasa Murrhina

    Hobbs Francisware,Vasa Murrhina

  • Var,Glass lots

    Var,Glass lots

  • stereo camera

    stereo camera

  • Pr.Cased Shades

    Pr.Cased Shades

  • Mid Century Modern,Danish

    Mid Century Modern,Danish

  • Fountain Pen+Desk Acc.Lot

    Fountain Pen+Desk Acc.Lot

  • LG.grp'20's Germn"NotGeld"artistic Scrip

    LG.grp'20's Germn"NotGeld"artistic Scrip

  • Notgeld


  • ca.early 20c.Formal Corner cupboard

    ca.early 20c.Formal Corner cupboard

  • Peer Mirror

    Peer Mirror

  • Valances


  • 1901 Wedding Shoes sgd...>

    1901 Wedding Shoes sgd...>

  • Lg.semi Precious Gemstone Globe

    Lg.semi Precious Gemstone Globe

  • LG.Bin Lot of Jewelry!!

    LG.Bin Lot of Jewelry!!

  • ca.1915-1950 Scrapbooks Collection

    ca.1915-1950 Scrapbooks Collection

  • Scrapbk Cllctn

    Scrapbk Cllctn

  • Screpbook Cllctn

    Screpbook Cllctn

  • Real Photo PC's incl:Zeppelins+Vt

    Real Photo PC's incl:Zeppelins+Vt

  • Deco Wall Cabinet

    Deco Wall Cabinet

  • Stereoview+Map lot

    Stereoview+Map lot

  • Vintage Comics Lot

    Vintage Comics Lot

  • Early Fan Lot

    Early Fan Lot

  • Tonalst Lndscpe,Arthur Fuedel,1857-1929

    Tonalst Lndscpe,Arthur Fuedel,1857-1929

  • Simon Karczmar,1903-82!

    Simon Karczmar,1903-82!

  • Art Lot

    Art Lot

  • Spring time!--Tulip Quilt

    Spring time!--Tulip Quilt

  • 1830's Clocks

    1830's Clocks

  • PYREX Butterfly Bowl Stes

    PYREX Butterfly Bowl Stes

  • Ingraham Oak Regulator

    Ingraham Oak Regulator

  • 19c.1drwr Stand

    19c.1drwr Stand

  • 19c.Hepplewhite card table

    19c.Hepplewhite card table

  • (has Birdseye drwrs beneath the advrtzng

    (has Birdseye drwrs beneath the advrtzng

  • Awrsome embossed Leather>>

    Awrsome embossed Leather>>

  • Japanese Book Cover w>>

    Japanese Book Cover w>>

  • various Symbols

    various Symbols

  • Vintage Asian

    Vintage Asian

  • as-is LG.sgd Satsuma Vase

    as-is LG.sgd Satsuma Vase

  • Floral Hooker

    Floral Hooker

  • Eye Candy Hooked

    Eye Candy Hooked

  • Vintage Posters

    Vintage Posters



  • 3 1920's Photo Travelogue Trips>>

    3 1920's Photo Travelogue Trips>>

  • Nicely Titled+

    Nicely Titled+

  • Annotated


  • Robert Click,Calif.artist,hand signed li

    Robert Click,Calif.artist,hand signed li

  • Robert Click

    Robert Click

  • Dune Worm?or Tulip Bud

    Dune Worm?or Tulip Bud

  • Theodore Roosevelt volumes

    Theodore Roosevelt volumes

  • ca.1990 Cameo

    ca.1990 Cameo

  • Wrought Iron

    Wrought Iron

  • Mid Century Danish Pottery

    Mid Century Danish Pottery

  • wedgwood Seasons

    wedgwood Seasons

  • 19c,


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Variouc Good LG.Lots

    Variouc Good LG.Lots

  • 1844 concord Masonic Banner

    1844 concord Masonic Banner