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Clean, quality estate

Plantation desk......


Beautiful cylinder roll desk

Antique furnishings

Victorian stand

Wonderful 2 pc step back

Primitive pantry cabinet

Comb back side chair

CLEAN Parlor furniture

Accent furniture

Sitting room pieces

Framed pictures

Ornate bed bench

Bow front chest

Bust & column

Side bench (spotless)

Narrow drop front secretary

Bow front dresser

Cedar blanket chest

Spindle shelf

Several framed art pieces

More framed

Painting by Tepper

Accent pieces

Ornate frame

Unusual painted cabinet

More clean, quality pieces

Basement items

More basement finds

Early Shaker rocker

More in basement.....

.....& more

Pine chimney type cabinet

Buggy seat bench

Granite set

Lots of outdoor decor

Metal patio furniture

Folding set

Outdoor items

Heavy patio pieces

Metal corner chair

Rare & early smalls

Early piggy bank

Retro items

Rare finds

Elkington pitcher...

...w/ bulldog detail

M Gregory, unusual mini lamp

Early Royal Dux figure

J C Grogan sterling vase

Ornate Victorian sugar spoon

Vict Gold & hair mourning ring

Gold ring

(Several rings)

1899 pocket watch

Masonic watch key w/ compass

More gold pieces

14kt rings

Tiffany & Co ring

18kt gold

14kt gold

Sterling rings

Atmos clock

Example of old cap guns

As found painted garage cabinets

Old funeral home items

Hearse decorations

Civil War era medical

Civil War tin type

Swarovski crystal car

Small vintage finds

Pin up picture

Lg Bronze & marble figure

Huge compote by....


Hand made rug (hanger!)

Silk rug.....


Banquet lamp, Uranium glass lamp

Winchester knife sets, Case XX

Shriners glasses

Vintage teddy bears

Northwood electric blue peacock plate

Cloisenne, German dresser box

Remington bronze

Cylinder record player...

...many cylinder records

Huge Indian Lake Ohio albums

Bronze lions, J Lind bottle

Risque' figures

Industrial punk rolling stand

Tammany Bank

Tobias face crock jug

WWII press photos

Royal Family photos

As found toys

Bronze clad bookends

Leaded glass window

Great parlor desk

Oil cans, coal mine

Newer machinist chest

Detail of etagere


Retro serving items

Cast iron horse hearse

Very early pieces

Rosenthal, walking stick porcelain

Sterling nut dishes

Small gutta percha frames

Indian chief tin type case

Mini weights & measure kit

Sterling child's dish

Sterling Nouveau pin dish

Sterling items

Small bronze trotter

Early Oriental pieces

Rare glass

Early perfume bottles

Child's doll set

Cupid figural paperweight

Large milifilore

Ribbon & fruit

Dated 1852

Shelf lots

Animal figs, carved wood

Race car teapots

Painted Fenton

More Fenton glass

Warwick & Stangl child's sets

Large early sampler

1850 sampler

1825 sampler

WWII Extracts Honors

Vintage ball glove

Risque' painting

Longaberger china set

Fenton opalescent

Great old photographs

1920's Magazines

Colorful desert set

Wood homemade kids stuff

Elbert Hubbard Roycraft book series

Large garden fountain