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  • fantastic chrome table

    fantastic chrome table

  • & chairs

    & chairs

  • garage kept

    garage kept

  • 1962 Plymouth Valiant

    1962 Plymouth Valiant

  • clean interior

    clean interior

  • EV Rider

    EV Rider

  • handicap scooter

    handicap scooter

  • BMW sidecar

    BMW sidecar

  • Gizmo moped

    Gizmo moped

  • Giant Acapulco bike

    Giant Acapulco bike

  • Schwinn sidewinder

    Schwinn sidewinder

  • Fuji Absolute Valite touring bike

    Fuji Absolute Valite touring bike

  • golf clubs

    golf clubs

  • trumedic massage chair

    trumedic massage chair

  • trumedic - like new

    trumedic - like new

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

  • slide door cabinet

    slide door cabinet

  • Whirlpool coin op dryer

    Whirlpool coin op dryer

  • like new

    like new

  • Generac generator

    Generac generator

  • air compressor

    air compressor

  • Rigid Smart Cart Vac

    Rigid Smart Cart Vac

  • Columbia mower

    Columbia mower

  • grass seeder

    grass seeder

  • snow thrower

    snow thrower

  • gas cans

    gas cans

  • assorted tools

    assorted tools

  • chain saws

    chain saws

  • C.I. potbelly stove

    C.I. potbelly stove

  • paintball gun

    paintball gun

  • trolling motor

    trolling motor

  • paddles


  • fishfinder


  • fishing items

    fishing items

  • Coleman items

    Coleman items

  • camping box

    camping box

  • coolers


  • nice secretary desk

    nice secretary desk

  • Auroro Classic 400

    Auroro Classic 400

  • HO scale race set

    HO scale race set

  • N gauge trains

    N gauge trains

  • early baseball cards

    early baseball cards

  • 2 remote control sailboats

    2 remote control sailboats

  • vintage electronics

    vintage electronics

  • Beatles 45 records

    Beatles 45 records

  • lots of vinyl albums

    lots of vinyl albums

  • many early Jazz

    many early Jazz

  • Elvis


  • vintage boxing tickets

    vintage boxing tickets

  • Grateful Dead

    Grateful Dead

  • autographed cover

    autographed cover

  • movie posters

    movie posters

  • "Stay Tuned" more

    "Stay Tuned" more

  • photos coming soon

    photos coming soon

  • Kel-Tec handgun

    Kel-Tec handgun

  • assorted ammo

    assorted ammo

  • dyes


  • Military bugle

    Military bugle

  • assorted Military patches

    assorted Military patches

  • Military & Scout patches

    Military & Scout patches

  • large amount of

    large amount of

  • Military & War books

    Military & War books

  • hard & soft cover

    hard & soft cover

  • early black & white photo albums

    early black & white photo albums

  • vintage turn table

    vintage turn table

  • more vinyl albums

    more vinyl albums

  • vintage cassettes

    vintage cassettes

  • vintage 8 tracks

    vintage 8 tracks

  • Reading Fairgrounds

    Reading Fairgrounds

  • The Racer

    The Racer

  • vintage Nascar programs

    vintage Nascar programs

  • Strapped In

    Strapped In

  • Reading Fairgrounds

    Reading Fairgrounds

  • magazines


  • signed racing poster

    signed racing poster

  • Kenny Brightbill

    Kenny Brightbill

  • 1970's Reading Fairgrounds

    1970's Reading Fairgrounds

  • photo albums

    photo albums

  • Fairgrounds demolition

    Fairgrounds demolition

  • Kenny Brightbill

    Kenny Brightbill

  • scrapbooks


  • vintage Reading Fairgounds

    vintage Reading Fairgounds

  • t-shirts


  • Vintage Daytona 500

    Vintage Daytona 500

  • jacket with patches

    jacket with patches

  • vintage racing caps

    vintage racing caps

  • racing pennants

    racing pennants

  • vintage Liberace t-shirt

    vintage Liberace t-shirt

  • The Fonz

    The Fonz

  • NOS license plates

    NOS license plates

  • vintage Bee Gees pennant

    vintage Bee Gees pennant

  • assorted vintage pennants

    assorted vintage pennants

  • many matchbook cover

    many matchbook cover

  • scrapbooks


  • many matchbooks

    many matchbooks

  • mid-century items

    mid-century items

  • Stetson cologne

    Stetson cologne

  • Big Little books

    Big Little books

  • assorted hard cover books

    assorted hard cover books

  • Cracker Jack Baseball card

    Cracker Jack Baseball card

  • D. Mint John John Kennedy doll

    D. Mint John John Kennedy doll

  • cut glass

    cut glass

  • duck stamp prints

    duck stamp prints

  • quality firearms

    quality firearms

  • remote control

    remote control

  • sailboats


  • bird cage

    bird cage

  • vintage water skiis

    vintage water skiis

  • Schwinn Le Tour II

    Schwinn Le Tour II

  • Bicycle


  • Sterling


  • action wrestlers

    action wrestlers

  • Rolling Stones

    Rolling Stones

  • Beatles albums

    Beatles albums