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  • Samurai sword

    Samurai sword

  • Japanese sword-Katana - authentic

    Japanese sword-Katana - authentic

  • as found condition

    as found condition

  • Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger

  • 14K gold bracelet

    14K gold bracelet

  • bags of necklaces

    bags of necklaces

  • watches


  • Aligator purse Cuba

    Aligator purse Cuba

  • cameras, lenses

    cameras, lenses

  • chalkware


  • metal eagle bookends

    metal eagle bookends

  • pink elephants

    pink elephants

  • metal banks

    metal banks

  • Lil Bo Peep

    Lil Bo Peep

  • military


  • opera glasses

    opera glasses

  • 1st day issue

    1st day issue

  • Birds


  • jointed mailing crate

    jointed mailing crate

  • pans


  • Hunter boots

    Hunter boots

  • dog food

    dog food

  • Commercial juicer

    Commercial juicer

  • Acme vintage cowboy boots

    Acme vintage cowboy boots

  • new boots

    new boots

  • Baltimore brewery, bottles

    Baltimore brewery, bottles

  • German Bavaria chine

    German Bavaria chine

  • service for 8

    service for 8

  • Faux silver dollars etc

    Faux silver dollars etc

  • foreign coins, tokens

    foreign coins, tokens

  • cymbal


  • Kewpie


  • Cummins lift pump

    Cummins lift pump

  • triple guitar stand

    triple guitar stand

  • John Deere

    John Deere

  • schrade, other knives

    schrade, other knives

  • KISS


  • Chippendale style mirror

    Chippendale style mirror

  • dvds


  • punch bowl

    punch bowl

  • unopened puzzle

    unopened puzzle

  • records


  • albums


  • very heavy artillary shell casing

    very heavy artillary shell casing

  • Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas

  • ship wheel clock

    ship wheel clock

  • porcelain on steel

    porcelain on steel

  • signs


  • approx. 30+

    approx. 30+

  • Ande Rooney

    Ande Rooney

  • Baseball cards

    Baseball cards

  • Eddie Murray

    Eddie Murray

  • model airplane

    model airplane

  • largre bulbs

    largre bulbs

  • giftwware


  • Annalee


  • advertising crates

    advertising crates

  • cheese boxes

    cheese boxes

  • Harvey decoys0

    Harvey decoys0

  • cast iron Aunt Jemima

    cast iron Aunt Jemima

  • dog doorstop

    dog doorstop

  • train doorstop

    train doorstop

  • measure, mint box

    measure, mint box

  • bedroom water bottles w/glass

    bedroom water bottles w/glass

  • 5 Gal glass jugs

    5 Gal glass jugs

  • !911 Herberrum books

    !911 Herberrum books

  • this Herb has been in book 110 yrs

    this Herb has been in book 110 yrs

  • Hummels


  • Ball, Atlas jars

    Ball, Atlas jars

  • marbles


  • milk bottles

    milk bottles

  • 2 sets nesting dolls

    2 sets nesting dolls

  • USSR - Russian

    USSR - Russian

  • wooden block planes

    wooden block planes

  • vintage coke bottls

    vintage coke bottls

  • advertising tins,wooden nickel

    advertising tins,wooden nickel