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  • eagle weathervane

    eagle weathervane

  • very good condition w/case

    very good condition w/case

  • Mission


  • Boyd jar

    Boyd jar

  • Boyds jar adv crate

    Boyds jar adv crate

  • super clean air conditioner

    super clean air conditioner

  • Kent nike

    Kent nike

  • cast


  • Charlie McCarthy box

    Charlie McCarthy box

  • many more pictures to come

    many more pictures to come

  • fishing lures

    fishing lures

  • drywall heater

    drywall heater

  • propane space heater

    propane space heater

  • geese


  • pump BB gun- working condition, 5 others

    pump BB gun- working condition, 5 others

  • Hamilton weather clock

    Hamilton weather clock

  • pen knives

    pen knives

  • fiberglass dock box

    fiberglass dock box

  • unopened models

    unopened models

  • mechanical monkey

    mechanical monkey

  • Mr Peanut

    Mr Peanut

  • General Pershing

    General Pershing

  • Texaco, many others

    Texaco, many others

  • bubble light santa

    bubble light santa

  • oak treadle sew machine

    oak treadle sew machine

  • sanding belts

    sanding belts

  • vintage toys

    vintage toys

  • yarn


  • Geneva wrist watch

    Geneva wrist watch

  • gold


  • sterling silver

    sterling silver

  • Lassale wrist watch

    Lassale wrist watch

  • Cartier wrist watch

    Cartier wrist watch

  • gold


  • aligator leather strap

    aligator leather strap

  • Cannon models

    Cannon models

  • Foreign paper monet

    Foreign paper monet

  • German coins

    German coins

  • third reich Nazi

    third reich Nazi

  • 1887 silver dollar

    1887 silver dollar

  • foreign coins, tokens

    foreign coins, tokens

  • halves


  • Kennedy dollar

    Kennedy dollar

  • more to go set up

    more to go set up

  • mixed silver coins

    mixed silver coins

  • wheat back, steel pennies

    wheat back, steel pennies

  • silver certficates, red & blue seal

    silver certficates, red & blue seal

  • Elkton token

    Elkton token

  • Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas

  • copper candy bowl

    copper candy bowl

  • patio set

    patio set

  • waterfowl duck book

    waterfowl duck book

  • decoy body owl

    decoy body owl

  • ducks, decoy

    ducks, decoy

  • decoy bottom

    decoy bottom

  • Metzler signed

    Metzler signed

  • Fossil rock

    Fossil rock

  • half hatchet

    half hatchet

  • hallmark ornaments

    hallmark ornaments

  • Lenox holiday serving dishes

    Lenox holiday serving dishes

  • duck prints

    duck prints

  • Liberty eagles

    Liberty eagles

  • Lionel train

    Lionel train

  • Maine train houses

    Maine train houses

  • lots more trains to be pictured

    lots more trains to be pictured

  • Lionel train set

    Lionel train set

  • Lord Baltimore

    Lord Baltimore

  • Mash game

    Mash game

  • mission book case

    mission book case

  • pen knives

    pen knives

  • NRA Rifleman issues

    NRA Rifleman issues

  • vintage tags

    vintage tags

  • vintage photos

    vintage photos

  • yard cart

    yard cart

  • Kennedy tool box

    Kennedy tool box

  • Kennedy rolling tool chest

    Kennedy rolling tool chest

  • large heavy duty strainer

    large heavy duty strainer

  • 1974 Bo Duke,Robin etc

    1974 Bo Duke,Robin etc

  • American flyer-more to be pictured

    American flyer-more to be pictured

  • art glass birds

    art glass birds

  • blue bird

    blue bird

  • Los Angeles 25 Calif

    Los Angeles 25 Calif

  • Ben Franklin decantor

    Ben Franklin decantor

  • bisque, occupied Japan

    bisque, occupied Japan

  • Jaundice bitters bottle

    Jaundice bitters bottle

  • brass covered box

    brass covered box

  • brass fireplace screen

    brass fireplace screen

  • Chilean


  • clarinet


  • TD 24 dozer

    TD 24 dozer

  • lights up

    lights up

  • with remote

    with remote

  • wall pockets

    wall pockets

  • Elvis


  • signed Fenton

    signed Fenton

  • silverplate frames

    silverplate frames

  • Gilbert erector set

    Gilbert erector set

  • girl scout

    girl scout

  • hallmark


  • hobnail ruffled dish

    hobnail ruffled dish

  • Hummel


  • soldier boy

    soldier boy

  • hummels


  • ice bucket

    ice bucket

  • necklaces, earrings,bracelets,pins &

    necklaces, earrings,bracelets,pins &

  • crock jugs

    crock jugs

  • Lenox


  • metal detecter

    metal detecter

  • animated Mickey Minnie mouse

    animated Mickey Minnie mouse

  • nice mixing bowls

    nice mixing bowls

  • music box

    music box

  • Nascar die cast

    Nascar die cast

  • orb mini vac

    orb mini vac

  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz

  • solid mahogany pedestal

    solid mahogany pedestal

  • pino sttol, glass ball feet

    pino sttol, glass ball feet

  • piggu bank

    piggu bank

  • Aiwa receiver

    Aiwa receiver

  • Schatz anniversary clock

    Schatz anniversary clock

  • brass ship

    brass ship

  • Flexible fyer sled

    Flexible fyer sled

  • slag glass bowl

    slag glass bowl

  • snow baby

    snow baby

  • stainless pots

    stainless pots

  • 1st day issues

    1st day issues

  • approx 7 books full 70's-80s

    approx 7 books full 70's-80s

  • Star Trek

    Star Trek

  • potteryset


  • collector trucks, planes

    collector trucks, planes

  • Alladin


  • Weller pottery vase

    Weller pottery vase

  • Colliers WWII book

    Colliers WWII book

  • torch gauges

    torch gauges

  • Midland walkie talkies

    Midland walkie talkies

  • brass, bronze

    brass, bronze

  • hand painted saws

    hand painted saws

  • banks


  • Palmero


  • art glass birds

    art glass birds

  • enameled steamer

    enameled steamer

  • bottles


  • brass hanging scale

    brass hanging scale

  • Model A or T flower vase

    Model A or T flower vase

  • Wedgewwod


  • china set

    china set

  • comics


  • cast iron rooster

    cast iron rooster

  • plastic army men

    plastic army men

  • small flask

    small flask

  • flow blue

    flow blue

  • game glasses

    game glasses

  • ruby drink set

    ruby drink set

  • Keepsake ornaments

    Keepsake ornaments

  • Forsty and Friends

    Forsty and Friends

  • BB rifles

    BB rifles

  • BB rifle

    BB rifle

  • BB rifles

    BB rifles

  • vintage ice bucket

    vintage ice bucket

  • silver bracelet

    silver bracelet

  • costume jewelry

    costume jewelry

  • sterling, 925

    sterling, 925

  • 14k gold

    14k gold

  • sterling veg spoon

    sterling veg spoon

  • Betty Boop

    Betty Boop

  • Royal Doulton lady figurines

    Royal Doulton lady figurines

  • Longaberger-more to picture

    Longaberger-more to picture

  • paper maps

    paper maps

  • Marx 5 crawler dozer

    Marx 5 crawler dozer

  • metal figures

    metal figures

  • military items

    military items

  • military flack vest

    military flack vest

  • tactical gear

    tactical gear

  • wind up monkey

    wind up monkey

  • numerous Nascar cars

    numerous Nascar cars

  • pledge paddle

    pledge paddle

  • 1972 Flood

    1972 Flood

  • new old stock

    new old stock

  • pyrex portables

    pyrex portables

  • spurs


  • collector stamp albumes

    collector stamp albumes

  • china tea cups

    china tea cups

  • tokens, pins, Masonic tool etc

    tokens, pins, Masonic tool etc

  • DeWalt


  • vinatge toys

    vinatge toys

  • wooden blocks

    wooden blocks

  • trians


  • Bachman etc

    Bachman etc