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  • Lanterns and oil lamps

    Lanterns and oil lamps

  • Cobbler's Bench

    Cobbler's Bench

  • RC Cola crate

    RC Cola crate

  • metal bird cage

    metal bird cage

  • Broad Ax

    Broad Ax

  • Cast Iron Syrup/Soap Pot

    Cast Iron Syrup/Soap Pot

  • Apple butter stirrers/canes

    Apple butter stirrers/canes

  • Fiesta


  • Crocks/water crock

    Crocks/water crock

  • Fiesta ware

    Fiesta ware

  • carbide lamps

    carbide lamps

  • Poultry Crates

    Poultry Crates

  • metal bench

    metal bench

  • Corn Planters

    Corn Planters

  • Jason wit Trump

    Jason wit Trump

  • Tall table & 2 chairs

    Tall table & 2 chairs

  • solid wood rocker

    solid wood rocker

  • Marble top dresser

    Marble top dresser

  • primitive cherry table

    primitive cherry table

  • wood-working tools

    wood-working tools

  • Wild Heerbrugg Transit

    Wild Heerbrugg Transit

  • GE oven

    GE oven

  • Ice Dispenser

    Ice Dispenser

  • Craftsman Edger

    Craftsman Edger

  • Craftsman radial arm saw

    Craftsman radial arm saw

  • Tru Temper Red Warrior

    Tru Temper Red Warrior

  • new lighting

    new lighting

  • gallon milk can

    gallon milk can

  • stirrers and canes

    stirrers and canes

  • 42' ceiling fans

    42' ceiling fans

  • sewing rocker

    sewing rocker

  • metal ash tray

    metal ash tray

  • broad heads

    broad heads

  • brass fireplace set

    brass fireplace set

  • oil lamp

    oil lamp

  • 4'x6' island

    4'x6' island

  • Fence charger

    Fence charger

  • fence charger

    fence charger

  • 1800s mouse live trap

    1800s mouse live trap

  • blue jars

    blue jars

  • coffee grinder

    coffee grinder

  • Jim Beam decanters

    Jim Beam decanters

  • apple peeler

    apple peeler

  • 4' lathe

    4' lathe

  • ash try

    ash try

  • Fostoria


  • John Wayne doll

    John Wayne doll

  • WV artisan crafts

    WV artisan crafts

  • Tone World SMC clock set

    Tone World SMC clock set

  • Ice dispenser

    Ice dispenser

  • Kitchen Cabinet

    Kitchen Cabinet

  • Deitz


  • kitchen lighting new

    kitchen lighting new

  • Acme metal lunch box

    Acme metal lunch box

  • Mining items

    Mining items

  • Paula Deen cast iron

    Paula Deen cast iron

  • Canes and stirrers

    Canes and stirrers

  • Water cooler crock

    Water cooler crock

  • Tobacco drying basket

    Tobacco drying basket

  • GE Oven

    GE Oven

  • 2009 Cadillac CTS 6 cylinder

    2009 Cadillac CTS 6 cylinder

  • Aprx 100,000 miles

    Aprx 100,000 miles

  • VIN# 1G6DF577090130098

    VIN# 1G6DF577090130098