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  • Cast-iron hitching Post

    Cast-iron hitching Post

  • Fisher coffee grinder

    Fisher coffee grinder

  • Butter churn

    Butter churn

  • Duck decoys

    Duck decoys

  • Horse, plaques, and figurines

    Horse, plaques, and figurines

  • Small wood hayforks

    Small wood hayforks

  • Swords and knives

    Swords and knives

  • Knives and machetes

    Knives and machetes

  • Boxes of rifle & gun ammo,

    Boxes of rifle & gun ammo,

  • Toolboxes


  • Floor model toolboxes

    Floor model toolboxes

  • Pull behind trailer

    Pull behind trailer

  • Snowblower


  • Gas grill

    Gas grill

  • All pro heater

    All pro heater

  • Numerous chainsaws and accessories

    Numerous chainsaws and accessories

  • Milwaukee, Dewalt, craftsman, tools

    Milwaukee, Dewalt, craftsman, tools

  • Battery charged scooter

    Battery charged scooter

  • Pressure washers

    Pressure washers

  • Frost, free freezer

    Frost, free freezer

  • Refrigerators


  • Metal toys, fire engines

    Metal toys, fire engines

  • Tonka trucks

    Tonka trucks

  • My lint metal fire engine

    My lint metal fire engine

  • Metal train cars

    Metal train cars

  • Collection of Hess trucks

    Collection of Hess trucks

  • Tin toys

    Tin toys

  • Dressers, , Furniture,

    Dressers, , Furniture,

  • Safe with combination

    Safe with combination

  • Metal storage

    Metal storage

  • Oak end cabinets

    Oak end cabinets

  • Glass front display cabinet

    Glass front display cabinet

  • Storage cabinets

    Storage cabinets

  • Wicker sunroom furniture

    Wicker sunroom furniture

  • Oriental rugs

    Oriental rugs

  • Table and chairs

    Table and chairs

  • Open face corner cabinet

    Open face corner cabinet

  • Treadle, sewing machine

    Treadle, sewing machine