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  • 2006 Cheevy Truck, 4wd, 22k

    2006 Cheevy Truck, 4wd, 22k

  • like new

    like new

  • 2015 Buick Encore 23k

    2015 Buick Encore 23k

  • leather package, like new

    leather package, like new

  • 2004 Chevy Colorado

    2004 Chevy Colorado

  • runs goods,141k,4wd

    runs goods,141k,4wd

  • 54" deck 139 hours on meter

    54" deck 139 hours on meter

  • John Deer x320 garage kept

    John Deer x320 garage kept

  • post line trimmer

    post line trimmer

  • vintage Coke machine

    vintage Coke machine

  • Cornelius Co 1960's

    Cornelius Co 1960's

  • mid century wood grain

    mid century wood grain

  • runs, lights up

    runs, lights up

  • block tackle

    block tackle

  • crock with lid

    crock with lid

  • rolling cart

    rolling cart

  • boating fenders

    boating fenders

  • fire place fender

    fire place fender

  • fur coats

    fur coats

  • costume jewelry

    costume jewelry

  • Brindly aerator

    Brindly aerator

  • drywall lift

    drywall lift

  • fishing tackle

    fishing tackle

  • fishing lures

    fishing lures

  • about 6 boxes

    about 6 boxes

  • lures


  • bait traps

    bait traps

  • fishing poles

    fishing poles

  • church pew, bench

    church pew, bench

  • aluminum ramp

    aluminum ramp

  • soda bottles, crates

    soda bottles, crates

  • sprayer tank

    sprayer tank

  • new tarps

    new tarps

  • thermos


  • air compressor

    air compressor

  • Werner extension ladder

    Werner extension ladder

  • various cages

    various cages

  • yard tools

    yard tools

  • Lodge cast iron

    Lodge cast iron

  • Clarion accordion

    Clarion accordion

  • deer target

    deer target

  • duck lamp

    duck lamp

  • multiple DVDs

    multiple DVDs

  • dressers


  • buffets


  • bed


  • mid century radio

    mid century radio

  • Maple Hutch

    Maple Hutch

  • wicker


  • bookcases


  • slide doors cabinet

    slide doors cabinet

  • Generator


  • jars


  • bagged jewelry

    bagged jewelry

  • Hummel necklace silver,copper

    Hummel necklace silver,copper

  • 10k


  • pins


  • 14k gold

    14k gold

  • Baltimore buttons

    Baltimore buttons

  • military pins

    military pins

  • pocket watches

    pocket watches

  • John Deere Ertl tractor

    John Deere Ertl tractor

  • John Wayne pan

    John Wayne pan

  • Hand carved teak statue

    Hand carved teak statue

  • about 6 ft tall, free standing

    about 6 ft tall, free standing

  • desk lamp

    desk lamp

  • Agri wagon

    Agri wagon

  • unopened NFL cards

    unopened NFL cards

  • oriental


  • Oriole bird house

    Oriole bird house

  • pool cue

    pool cue

  • bug light

    bug light

  • Dewalt battery op tools

    Dewalt battery op tools

  • all tested

    all tested

  • working


  • Bach trumpet

    Bach trumpet

  • wall clock

    wall clock

  • manymore items to be unboxed

    manymore items to be unboxed

  • wyeth print

    wyeth print

  • battery charger

    battery charger

  • wooden boat oars

    wooden boat oars

  • Masonic bookends

    Masonic bookends

  • hen on nest

    hen on nest

  • cast iron chicken

    cast iron chicken

  • gingerbread kitchenclock

    gingerbread kitchenclock

  • Coleman


  • corn grinder

    corn grinder

  • #8 crock

    #8 crock

  • crystal decantors

    crystal decantors

  • drums


  • figurines


  • Crossman air rifle

    Crossman air rifle

  • deer hanging scale

    deer hanging scale

  • winch


  • hunting clothes

    hunting clothes

  • John Deere Moline wagon

    John Deere Moline wagon

  • jade tree

    jade tree

  • pottery bottles

    pottery bottles

  • new weather station

    new weather station

  • albums 70's ish & others

    albums 70's ish & others

  • vintage bottles

    vintage bottles

  • Gorilla lift-in box

    Gorilla lift-in box

  • rotozip


  • Craftsman rolling tool cabinet

    Craftsman rolling tool cabinet

  • several axes, hatchets

    several axes, hatchets

  • headlight leveler

    headlight leveler

  • family scale

    family scale

  • Yankee sled, 3 others

    Yankee sled, 3 others

  • A treat soda bottles

    A treat soda bottles

  • Tab, Pepsi

    Tab, Pepsi

  • some of the many yard tools

    some of the many yard tools

  • Gilbert erector set

    Gilbert erector set

  • Super Simon

    Super Simon

  • Milton Bradley, a computer controlled ga

    Milton Bradley, a computer controlled ga

  • Atari video computer system

    Atari video computer system

  • Coleco Vision

    Coleco Vision

  • Coleco vision expansion

    Coleco vision expansion

  • video games, atari, coleco

    video games, atari, coleco

  • Frogger


  • video game booklets

    video game booklets

  • batter crock, no cracks

    batter crock, no cracks

  • sterling 8 1/2" candlesticks

    sterling 8 1/2" candlesticks

  • sterling child flatware

    sterling child flatware

  • Bailey Banks and Biddle Sterling bowl

    Bailey Banks and Biddle Sterling bowl

  • sterling bowl with lid removed

    sterling bowl with lid removed

  • 10 3/4 inch dia. signed bottom

    10 3/4 inch dia. signed bottom

  • sterling based etched bud vase

    sterling based etched bud vase

  • Rogers 1847 silverplate

    Rogers 1847 silverplate

  • etched cream & sugar

    etched cream & sugar

  • hallmark


  • hallmark


  • Bayonets


  • military


  • marked 89601

    marked 89601

  • US


  • 1901


  • Penn reel

    Penn reel

  • fihing lures,tackles

    fihing lures,tackles

  • sterling marked jet

    sterling marked jet

  • bruxelles cuff links

    bruxelles cuff links

  • boxes costume jewelry

    boxes costume jewelry

  • skeleton keys etc

    skeleton keys etc

  • Swiss bee house

    Swiss bee house

  • Kristol binoculars

    Kristol binoculars

  • Decoy, duck books

    Decoy, duck books

  • baby Brownie camera

    baby Brownie camera

  • Case cleaver

    Case cleaver

  • Bone china set

    Bone china set

  • Mansfield Royal Worcester

    Mansfield Royal Worcester

  • service for 10

    service for 10

  • vintage coleman cooler

    vintage coleman cooler

  • Coleman gas camp stove

    Coleman gas camp stove

  • cast iron door stop

    cast iron door stop

  • various ducks, birds

    various ducks, birds

  • half size

    half size

  • glass


  • miniature lead ducks

    miniature lead ducks

  • porcelain


  • ducks unlimited

    ducks unlimited

  • dupont service pin

    dupont service pin

  • dupont desk clocks

    dupont desk clocks

  • Wii game system, games, fit

    Wii game system, games, fit

  • green dep cake pedastal

    green dep cake pedastal

  • glass hen, Lenox

    glass hen, Lenox

  • penquin ice bucket

    penquin ice bucket

  • finger oil lamp

    finger oil lamp

  • Littlestown vise

    Littlestown vise

  • glass on uplights

    glass on uplights

  • duraflame


  • pitcher bowl marked

    pitcher bowl marked

  • Buffalo pottery

    Buffalo pottery

  • wood inlay plates

    wood inlay plates

  • victrola records

    victrola records

  • stone owl

    stone owl

  • 1959 toaster

    1959 toaster

  • toy tankers, Hess

    toy tankers, Hess

  • wade figures in cabinet

    wade figures in cabinet

  • tool bench

    tool bench

  • chairs


  • crab traps

    crab traps

  • animal call

    animal call

  • vent dampers-new in box

    vent dampers-new in box

  • live traps

    live traps

  • Griswold 8

    Griswold 8

  • Pepsi cola crate

    Pepsi cola crate

  • farm liquids

    farm liquids

  • tank sprayer

    tank sprayer

  • DeWalt tools

    DeWalt tools