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  • Pa. Insp. Signs

    Pa. Insp. Signs

  • Quaker State Thermometer

    Quaker State Thermometer

  • 2 Smokey Bear Signs

    2 Smokey Bear Signs

  • Snap On Tool Box

    Snap On Tool Box

  • Snap On Tool Box

    Snap On Tool Box

  • Coats 5060 E Tire Machine

    Coats 5060 E Tire Machine

  • Snap On wheel Balancer

    Snap On wheel Balancer

  • T-30 Air Compressor

    T-30 Air Compressor

  • Emglo Air Compressor

    Emglo Air Compressor

  • Brake Machine

    Brake Machine

  • Drill Press

    Drill Press

  • Machinist's Vice

    Machinist's Vice

  • Lots Of Parts Cabinets

    Lots Of Parts Cabinets

  • Napa Cabinets

    Napa Cabinets

  • More Cabinets

    More Cabinets

  • Snap On And Other Ratchets

    Snap On And Other Ratchets

  • Snap On

    Snap On

  • Oil Jars

    Oil Jars

  • Motor Meter

    Motor Meter

  • Oil Cans

    Oil Cans

  • Miners Lamps

    Miners Lamps

  • Fire Truck

    Fire Truck

  • Rat Fink Like Toy

    Rat Fink Like Toy

  • More Trucks

    More Trucks

  • 1948 Matched Pair

    1948 Matched Pair

  • More Plates

    More Plates

  • More


  • More!


  • Dewalt Chop Saw

    Dewalt Chop Saw

  • Unique Items

    Unique Items

  • Metal Napa Sign

    Metal Napa Sign

  • 2 Pepsi Machines

    2 Pepsi Machines

  • Snap On Plasma Cutter

    Snap On Plasma Cutter

  • Vintage Lubester

    Vintage Lubester

  • Ignition Parts

    Ignition Parts

  • ignition parts

    ignition parts

  • 1992 Dodge Stealth

    1992 Dodge Stealth

  • Dodge Truck Fender

    Dodge Truck Fender

  • Stealth Parts

    Stealth Parts

  • 1995 Toyota Celica

    1995 Toyota Celica

  • Oil Cans

    Oil Cans

  • Gumball Machine

    Gumball Machine

  • Vintage Hub Caps

    Vintage Hub Caps

  • Some Of The Scrap Pile

    Some Of The Scrap Pile

  • Vintage Adding Machine

    Vintage Adding Machine

  • Disco Ball

    Disco Ball

  • State College Milk Can

    State College Milk Can

  • Early Wooden Sign

    Early Wooden Sign

  • Carter Carb. Clock

    Carter Carb. Clock

  • Dupont Clock

    Dupont Clock

  • Firebird Decals

    Firebird Decals

  • Hercules Tire Sign

    Hercules Tire Sign

  • New Pay Phone

    New Pay Phone