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  • primitive wooden shovel

    primitive wooden shovel

  • hammered aluminum set

    hammered aluminum set

  • bushel baskets

    bushel baskets

  • antique picture frame

    antique picture frame

  • unmarked pottery

    unmarked pottery

  • dolls


  • butter molds

    butter molds

  • molds for cast toys

    molds for cast toys

  • Stangl pottery figurine

    Stangl pottery figurine

  • porcelain figurines

    porcelain figurines

  • 45 records

    45 records

  • Royal Daulton figurines

    Royal Daulton figurines

  • Rose Medallion plates

    Rose Medallion plates

  • shoe shine box

    shoe shine box

  • mortar & pestle

    mortar & pestle

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • large stencilled tray

    large stencilled tray

  • cast iron door stop

    cast iron door stop

  • powder horn

    powder horn

  • lot of figurines

    lot of figurines

  • Hull pottery vase

    Hull pottery vase

  • discovery lot

    discovery lot

  • Mickey Mouse phone

    Mickey Mouse phone

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • milk bottle crate

    milk bottle crate

  • Weller pottery

    Weller pottery

  • binoculars made in France

    binoculars made in France

  • milk/cream bottle lot

    milk/cream bottle lot

  • wash tub agitator

    wash tub agitator

  • model train tracks

    model train tracks

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • Roseville pottery bowl

    Roseville pottery bowl

  • discovery lot

    discovery lot

  • belt buckles

    belt buckles

  • hand forged candle holder

    hand forged candle holder

  • children's lot

    children's lot

  • folk art car

    folk art car

  • Toby pitcher

    Toby pitcher

  • picnic basket

    picnic basket

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • apple peeler/corer

    apple peeler/corer

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • enamel ware

    enamel ware

  • cast iron lamp brackets

    cast iron lamp brackets

  • flow blue & other china

    flow blue & other china

  • bail handled tin ware

    bail handled tin ware

  • hardware lot

    hardware lot

  • soda crate

    soda crate

  • end of soda crate

    end of soda crate

  • sadd irons

    sadd irons

  • cream can

    cream can

  • garden tool lot

    garden tool lot

  • Flexible Flyer sled

    Flexible Flyer sled

  • vintage lunch box

    vintage lunch box

  • vintage kitchen ware

    vintage kitchen ware

  • wall cabinet

    wall cabinet

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • cast iron shelf brackets

    cast iron shelf brackets

  • wooden doll

    wooden doll

  • large stencilled metal bowl

    large stencilled metal bowl

  • discovery lot

    discovery lot

  • tool lot

    tool lot

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • Laconia Company wrench

    Laconia Company wrench

  • vintage toy lot

    vintage toy lot

  • vintage tool box

    vintage tool box

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • canes & broom

    canes & broom

  • covered basket

    covered basket

  • banks


  • tins


  • children's dishes

    children's dishes

  • more 45's

    more 45's

  • pudding molds

    pudding molds

  • Regulator clock

    Regulator clock

  • mixing bowls etc

    mixing bowls etc

  • Federal Eagle pillar mirror

    Federal Eagle pillar mirror

  • Keystone 8mm projector

    Keystone 8mm projector

  • cast iron door stop

    cast iron door stop

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • firkin


  • ephemera


  • Lodge cast iron pans

    Lodge cast iron pans

  • antique doll stroller w/Annalee

    antique doll stroller w/Annalee

  • signed child's chair

    signed child's chair

  • baseball bats

    baseball bats

  • vintage Samsonite luggage

    vintage Samsonite luggage

  • Amish dolls

    Amish dolls

  • antique china

    antique china

  • large coffee tin

    large coffee tin

  • Large Oriental plate

    Large Oriental plate

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • copper tea pot

    copper tea pot

  • Loon kerosene lamps

    Loon kerosene lamps

  • oil can

    oil can

  • linens etc

    linens etc

  • copper pitcher

    copper pitcher

  • lot of pictures

    lot of pictures

  • ship clock

    ship clock

  • keys & locks

    keys & locks

  • dresser top mirror

    dresser top mirror

  • Rose Medallion china

    Rose Medallion china

  • vintage riding toy

    vintage riding toy

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • serving tray table

    serving tray table

  • poster lot

    poster lot

  • baskets


  • Mobil Oil advertising

    Mobil Oil advertising

  • pyrex


  • serving trays

    serving trays

  • dolls


  • Rail Road oiler

    Rail Road oiler

  • glass lot

    glass lot

  • magazine rack

    magazine rack

  • tray lot w/Boy Scout items

    tray lot w/Boy Scout items

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • cat coat rack

    cat coat rack

  • depression glass cake plate

    depression glass cake plate

  • slide projector

    slide projector

  • cast iron muffin pan

    cast iron muffin pan

  • antique phone

    antique phone

  • discovery lot

    discovery lot

  • copper kettle

    copper kettle

  • View master w/cards

    View master w/cards

  • vanity License plates

    vanity License plates

  • discovery lot

    discovery lot

  • Native American prints

    Native American prints

  • Wagner cast iron pan

    Wagner cast iron pan

  • silver plate flat ware

    silver plate flat ware

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • Desert Storm wax packs

    Desert Storm wax packs

  • bells


  • vintage toys

    vintage toys

  • Life Magazines

    Life Magazines

  • vintage toys

    vintage toys

  • kerosene lamps

    kerosene lamps

  • Onion crate

    Onion crate

  • Dietz lanterns

    Dietz lanterns

  • copper pan

    copper pan

  • large copper/brass vase

    large copper/brass vase

  • irons


  • carnival ride Erector set

    carnival ride Erector set

  • fire place tool holder

    fire place tool holder

  • Conestoga Wagon lamp

    Conestoga Wagon lamp

  • lap quilt

    lap quilt

  • vintage table lamp

    vintage table lamp

  • Tonka fire truck

    Tonka fire truck

  • metal detector

    metal detector

  • Crosley radio

    Crosley radio

  • pin backs

    pin backs

  • copper luster

    copper luster

  • vintage doll high chair

    vintage doll high chair

  • telescope


  • vintage toy typewriter

    vintage toy typewriter

  • flow blue platter

    flow blue platter

  • cast iron bank

    cast iron bank

  • Notre Dame high school sweater

    Notre Dame high school sweater

  • action figure

    action figure

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • wood cock figure

    wood cock figure

  • tin ware tray lot

    tin ware tray lot

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • vintage trays

    vintage trays

  • baskets


  • vintage furs

    vintage furs

  • pudding mold

    pudding mold

  • kerosene lamps

    kerosene lamps

  • tray lot of figurines

    tray lot of figurines

  • porcelain bust

    porcelain bust

  • vintage games

    vintage games

  • Lladdro figurines

    Lladdro figurines

  • Goebel figurine

    Goebel figurine

  • tray lot figurines

    tray lot figurines

  • vintage games

    vintage games

  • anchor lamp

    anchor lamp

  • Lone Ranger figurine

    Lone Ranger figurine

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • wall decorations

    wall decorations

  • vintage spot light

    vintage spot light

  • RMEF Buck knife NIB

    RMEF Buck knife NIB

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • slide projector

    slide projector

  • antique marble

    antique marble