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  • Bradley and hubbard lamp

    Bradley and hubbard lamp

  • Old Gulf thermometer

    Old Gulf thermometer

  • 19th cent.Country secraetary

    19th cent.Country secraetary

  • Romare Bearden Poster

    Romare Bearden Poster

  • lighting


  • Oak Writing Table

    Oak Writing Table

  • WW2 Satchel

    WW2 Satchel

  • SA German Dress Dagger

    SA German Dress Dagger

  • medals


  • 1864 Lincoln,on linen

    1864 Lincoln,on linen

  • Over 6'Metal Pike!

    Over 6'Metal Pike!

  • Lg.Piano Sign

    Lg.Piano Sign

  • Chelsea Clock

    Chelsea Clock

  • 1821 Atlas

    1821 Atlas

  • German Army Officers Dagger

    German Army Officers Dagger

  • Will Parmelee

    Will Parmelee

  • Pencil sgd DeChirico

    Pencil sgd DeChirico

  • pencil sgd ,DeChirico(1941)

    pencil sgd ,DeChirico(1941)

  • 1941 Porcelain sign

    1941 Porcelain sign

  • Silver Mine Paperweight

    Silver Mine Paperweight

  • Marine Bell

    Marine Bell

  • LG.Antq.Calling Card cllctn

    LG.Antq.Calling Card cllctn

  • Civil War era Battle alarm

    Civil War era Battle alarm

  • Civil War Cartridge box

    Civil War Cartridge box

  • Andy warhol"Interview"Mags.

    Andy warhol"Interview"Mags.

  • WW2 Waltham Chronograph

    WW2 Waltham Chronograph

  • Working order

    Working order

  • Hudson's Bay

    Hudson's Bay

  • Vintage Boy scout collection

    Vintage Boy scout collection

  • Fncy Vict.Walnut

    Fncy Vict.Walnut

  • Mattise portfolio

    Mattise portfolio

  • swallowtail butterfly chrysalis,thanks A

    swallowtail butterfly chrysalis,thanks A

  • New Guines,Pac.Theatre photo Album

    New Guines,Pac.Theatre photo Album

  • Northfield Auctions clothing,For Sale!

    Northfield Auctions clothing,For Sale!

  • Northfield Auctions Clothing For Sale!

    Northfield Auctions Clothing For Sale!