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  • Wonderful Painted Portrait

    Wonderful Painted Portrait

  • Early Transferware

    Early Transferware

  • Beautiful Victorian Furniture

    Beautiful Victorian Furniture

  • Lots of great Reference Books

    Lots of great Reference Books

  • stoneware


  • Harley-Davidson Jacket

    Harley-Davidson Jacket

  • Harley Davidson Merchandise

    Harley Davidson Merchandise

  • Yamaha Motorcycle

    Yamaha Motorcycle

  • 14' Aluminum Canoe

    14' Aluminum Canoe

  • Vintage Patio Furniture

    Vintage Patio Furniture

  • Concrete Foutain

    Concrete Foutain

  • Lots of interesting lamps

    Lots of interesting lamps

  • Mirror back sconces

    Mirror back sconces



  • Early Dishware

    Early Dishware

  • Early oil lamps

    Early oil lamps