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  • 5ft antique fire truck

    5ft antique fire truck

  • 30s 40s large truck

    30s 40s large truck

  • W/ Brass bell

    W/ Brass bell

  • Advertising door handle

    Advertising door handle

  • Flour adv door handle

    Flour adv door handle

  • Rare find

    Rare find

  • Trunks chests

    Trunks chests

  • Hot dog Halloween

    Hot dog Halloween

  • Coke cola cola

    Coke cola cola

  • Industrial bins stackable

    Industrial bins stackable

  • Vintage baby shoes

    Vintage baby shoes

  • Child shoes

    Child shoes

  • Cast iron cookware

    Cast iron cookware

  • Iron frame , jug

    Iron frame , jug

  • Antique lighting

    Antique lighting

  • Crocks & apothecary

    Crocks & apothecary

  • 1938 Coca Cola sign

    1938 Coca Cola sign

  • Rear of coke sign

    Rear of coke sign

  • Stanley nos handles

    Stanley nos handles

  • Body parts

    Body parts

  • Antique air compressor

    Antique air compressor

  • Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson

  • Leather coats

    Leather coats

  • Harley leather jackets

    Harley leather jackets

  • All excellent condition

    All excellent condition

  • Leather riding coats

    Leather riding coats

  • NWOT


  • Harley shirts

    Harley shirts

  • Carhartt hoodie

    Carhartt hoodie

  • Corvette shirt

    Corvette shirt

  • Nice collection clothes

    Nice collection clothes

  • Another carhartt

    Another carhartt

  • Most new w/ out tags

    Most new w/ out tags

  • Harley clothing

    Harley clothing

  • Screaming eagle

    Screaming eagle

  • Dorney park

    Dorney park

  • Rear of employee pins

    Rear of employee pins

  • Tiffany ? Unmarked

    Tiffany ? Unmarked

  • Early lighting

    Early lighting

  • Hot wheels

    Hot wheels

  • Toy cars

    Toy cars

  • Lasso rope

    Lasso rope

  • Adv boxes

    Adv boxes

  • Coca Cola umbrella

    Coca Cola umbrella

  • Oley pa sign antique

    Oley pa sign antique

  • Gulf gasoline

    Gulf gasoline

  • Alligator purse

    Alligator purse

  • Many signs

    Many signs

  • Dorney park

    Dorney park

  • Rare cattle sign

    Rare cattle sign

  • Vintage coin-op

    Vintage coin-op

  • Frame /or table top

    Frame /or table top

  • Coca Cola button

    Coca Cola button

  • Tell your friends

    Tell your friends

  • Large vint collection

    Large vint collection

  • His and hers

    His and hers

  • Harley leather coats

    Harley leather coats

  • More Harley t shirts

    More Harley t shirts

  • Vintage Harley shirts

    Vintage Harley shirts

  • Harley womens clothes

    Harley womens clothes

  • Harley tank styles

    Harley tank styles

  • Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson

  • Almost 2ft tall

    Almost 2ft tall

  • Large Harley shadow box

    Large Harley shadow box

  • Harley shot kit

    Harley shot kit

  • More signs

    More signs

  • Spinning wheel

    Spinning wheel

  • Piano stool antique

    Piano stool antique

  • Buchs


  • Antique corn sheller

    Antique corn sheller

  • Large antique bell

    Large antique bell

  • Tin signs

    Tin signs

  • Quakertown


  • Railroad light

    Railroad light

  • Side of RR light

    Side of RR light

  • Antique corn sheller

    Antique corn sheller

  • Gorgeous jewelry

    Gorgeous jewelry

  • Costume lots

    Costume lots

  • Estate necklace

    Estate necklace

  • Choice on lots

    Choice on lots

  • Hair combs

    Hair combs

  • Pins


  • Earrings


  • Train pocket watch

    Train pocket watch

  • Pocket watches

    Pocket watches

  • Large lot snow birds

    Large lot snow birds

  • Antique snow birds

    Antique snow birds

  • Iron hatch door

    Iron hatch door

  • Large vintage letters

    Large vintage letters

  • Vint aluminum

    Vint aluminum

  • Bell atlantic

    Bell atlantic

  • Vintage Pepsi

    Vintage Pepsi

  • Uniform w coat

    Uniform w coat

  • Ant wood clamps

    Ant wood clamps

  • Planes / tools

    Planes / tools

  • Many oil tins

    Many oil tins

  • Rare nib converse

    Rare nib converse

  • Dorman drawers

    Dorman drawers

  • Many adv cabinets

    Many adv cabinets

  • Ice cream shop syrup

    Ice cream shop syrup

  • Wagner cast iron

    Wagner cast iron

  • Morse code

    Morse code

  • Vintage Christmas

    Vintage Christmas

  • Auto shop cabinets

    Auto shop cabinets

  • Tin paint sign

    Tin paint sign

  • Vintage allentown

    Vintage allentown

  • Morning call book

    Morning call book

  • Antique well bucket

    Antique well bucket

  • Rare collection

    Rare collection

  • Collection stove doors

    Collection stove doors

  • Antique iron

    Antique iron

  • Moore stove door

    Moore stove door

  • Jacob fisher

    Jacob fisher

  • Colebrookdale


  • Blickenderfer door

    Blickenderfer door

  • Rare Winchester stove door

    Rare Winchester stove door

  • Pikeville sign

    Pikeville sign

  • A lot of antique iron

    A lot of antique iron

  • Line shaft wheels

    Line shaft wheels

  • Wooden line shaft

    Wooden line shaft

  • Wheel pulley

    Wheel pulley

  • Vintage oil

    Vintage oil

  • Bronze/brass? Shelf

    Bronze/brass? Shelf

  • Vintage ammo boxes

    Vintage ammo boxes

  • 100+ Vint Harley

    100+ Vint Harley

  • Vintage Harley shirts

    Vintage Harley shirts

  • A lot of Harley tshirts

    A lot of Harley tshirts

  • Local Harley dealers

    Local Harley dealers

  • Vintage Harley t-shirts

    Vintage Harley t-shirts

  • Harley Davidson ts

    Harley Davidson ts

  • Large collection

    Large collection

  • Womens Harley

    Womens Harley

  • Womens leather

    Womens leather

  • Antique carved sword

    Antique carved sword

  • Antique machete

    Antique machete

  • Carved head

    Carved head

  • Wood sheath

    Wood sheath

  • Knife w/ sheath

    Knife w/ sheath

  • Vintage adv clothing

    Vintage adv clothing

  • Sports caps hats nos

    Sports caps hats nos

  • Super large collection

    Super large collection

  • Car brand meat hats

    Car brand meat hats

  • Sports team ball caps

    Sports team ball caps

  • Large collection

    Large collection

  • NASCAR Phillies

    NASCAR Phillies

  • Eagles automotive

    Eagles automotive

  • Cat ford Chevy

    Cat ford Chevy

  • Tractors


  • S&w Barretta gun caps

    S&w Barretta gun caps

  • Years of collecting

    Years of collecting

  • Vintage toys

    Vintage toys

  • 100+vintage harley clothes

    100+vintage harley clothes

  • Vintage harley clothes

    Vintage harley clothes

  • Huge collection

    Huge collection

  • 80s NOS gym clothes

    80s NOS gym clothes

  • Shoemakersville gym

    Shoemakersville gym

  • Baggy boys nos

    Baggy boys nos

  • A lot vintage clothes

    A lot vintage clothes

  • Full vintage oil

    Full vintage oil

  • Bakelite outlet covers

    Bakelite outlet covers

  • Vintage prolon

    Vintage prolon

  • Rare vint honda

    Rare vint honda

  • Honda motorcycle

    Honda motorcycle

  • Wont find another

    Wont find another

  • Dealership issue only

    Dealership issue only

  • Lrg collection

    Lrg collection

  • Frosted souvenir

    Frosted souvenir

  • Geri cans

    Geri cans

  • Rare Atlantic oil full

    Rare Atlantic oil full

  • 5qt aviation RARE

    5qt aviation RARE

  • Gauges


  • Old signs snap on

    Old signs snap on

  • Bmw gs electric motorcycle

    Bmw gs electric motorcycle

  • Dealership only

    Dealership only

  • Vintage dealer only

    Vintage dealer only

  • Great oil collection

    Great oil collection

  • Vintage clocks

    Vintage clocks

  • Gas jackhammer

    Gas jackhammer

  • In box w bits

    In box w bits

  • Wont find another

    Wont find another

  • Oddball vintage tools

    Oddball vintage tools

  • Pump In orig box

    Pump In orig box

  • Vintage mc helmet

    Vintage mc helmet

  • Full sleeves milk

    Full sleeves milk

  • Milk bottle cap lids

    Milk bottle cap lids

  • Green spot NOS

    Green spot NOS

  • Hamburg pa

    Hamburg pa

  • Windsor farm NOS

    Windsor farm NOS

  • Sleeves NOS caps

    Sleeves NOS caps

  • Antique hardware

    Antique hardware

  • gasoline trucks NIB

    gasoline trucks NIB

  • Toy truck collection

    Toy truck collection

  • Lrg plane collection

    Lrg plane collection

  • Tobacco lath bundles

    Tobacco lath bundles

  • Large Lath bundles

    Large Lath bundles

  • Rare telephone collection

    Rare telephone collection

  • Hard hats from past

    Hard hats from past

  • Oddball telephones

    Oddball telephones

  • Rare penny farthing

    Rare penny farthing

  • High wheeler (not huge)

    High wheeler (not huge)

  • Wont find another

    Wont find another

  • Bicycle rare size

    Bicycle rare size

  • Corky


  • Sweetie pie dolls NIB

    Sweetie pie dolls NIB

  • Rare bell dolls

    Rare bell dolls

  • Bell ladys in box

    Bell ladys in box

  • Antique lighting

    Antique lighting

  • Steelers adjustable chair

    Steelers adjustable chair

  • Football chair

    Football chair

  • 8 + chainsaw bear

    8 + chainsaw bear

  • Holding propeller

    Holding propeller

  • Goggles leather flight hat

    Goggles leather flight hat

  • Airplane pilot bear

    Airplane pilot bear

  • One of a kind airport

    One of a kind airport

  • Pilot mascot

    Pilot mascot

  • Peavey vintage amp

    Peavey vintage amp

  • Rear guitar amp

    Rear guitar amp

  • Vint kasino guitar

    Vint kasino guitar

  • Large band speakers

    Large band speakers

  • Vintage music equipment

    Vintage music equipment

  • Todd smith collection

    Todd smith collection

  • All signed

    All signed

  • Photography collection

    Photography collection

  • Look him up

    Look him up

  • Sign photos

    Sign photos

  • Stained glass

    Stained glass

  • Sterling silver ship

    Sterling silver ship

  • Framed ships

    Framed ships

  • 2 sterling silver

    2 sterling silver

  • Large sterling

    Large sterling

  • Santa Maria sterling

    Santa Maria sterling

  • Iron antique bird cage

    Iron antique bird cage

  • Ornate bird cage

    Ornate bird cage

  • Spectacular pieces

    Spectacular pieces

  • More caps found

    More caps found

  • primitive bowls

    primitive bowls

  • Nos harley helmet

    Nos harley helmet

  • Industrial stools

    Industrial stools

  • Hand crank stools

    Hand crank stools

  • Dovetailed basket

    Dovetailed basket

  • Harley hog patches

    Harley hog patches

  • Nos patches

    Nos patches

  • Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson

  • Vintage go kart

    Vintage go kart

  • Custom 1970s

    Custom 1970s

  • Vintage go cart

    Vintage go cart

  • Top comes off

    Top comes off

  • San Diego badge

    San Diego badge

  • Sterling silver

    Sterling silver

  • Sheriffs dept badge

    Sheriffs dept badge

  • Awesome watches

    Awesome watches

  • Large face quality

    Large face quality

  • Tractor watch fob

    Tractor watch fob

  • Antique fob collection

    Antique fob collection

  • All equipment fobs

    All equipment fobs

  • Case Euclid Massey

    Case Euclid Massey

  • Cat + many more

    Cat + many more

  • Stanley chisels

    Stanley chisels

  • Chisel close up

    Chisel close up

  • Primitive jig

    Primitive jig

  • 70


  • Femat kayak

    Femat kayak

  • 1971-72 chevelle bumper

    1971-72 chevelle bumper

  • Excellent condition

    Excellent condition