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  • pedal car

    pedal car

  • pedal tractor

    pedal tractor

  • vintage trike

    vintage trike

  • tin types

    tin types

  • old photographs

    old photographs

  • Magic Lantern

    Magic Lantern

  • Henderson Ames Co

    Henderson Ames Co

  • Bainbridge,MD 1944 Navy

    Bainbridge,MD 1944 Navy

  • Baltimore Bond bread crate

    Baltimore Bond bread crate

  • binoculars-Paris


  • Early milk bottle

    Early milk bottle

  • brass tank

    brass tank

  • buckles


  • tin bud sign

    tin bud sign

  • mini tools

    mini tools

  • comics


  • Elvis fan club

    Elvis fan club

  • eye glasses

    eye glasses

  • cookie jars

    cookie jars

  • advertising fan

    advertising fan

  • tackle box

    tackle box

  • vintage Ford fuel pump

    vintage Ford fuel pump

  • pattern glass

    pattern glass

  • gun prints

    gun prints

  • gun boxes only

    gun boxes only

  • marbles


  • crocks


  • metal lawn chairs

    metal lawn chairs

  • Mickey mouse

    Mickey mouse

  • Wizard of Oz lion

    Wizard of Oz lion

  • milk can

    milk can

  • black memorabilia postcards

    black memorabilia postcards

  • postcards


  • pitcher pump

    pitcher pump

  • Police


  • vintage leather pool table pockets

    vintage leather pool table pockets

  • records


  • basball cards

    basball cards

  • Dahlgren


  • Joe Montana

    Joe Montana

  • tin star

    tin star

  • sword


  • vintage tags

    vintage tags

  • numerous vintage car parts

    numerous vintage car parts

  • telescope


  • Delta


  • brass torch

    brass torch

  • Nylint tow truck

    Nylint tow truck

  • Buddy L

    Buddy L

  • International Harvestor

    International Harvestor

  • Buddy L Coke delivery truck

    Buddy L Coke delivery truck

  • trunk


  • West Virgina water can

    West Virgina water can

  • Nishiki


  • leather coats

    leather coats

  • Red Man order

    Red Man order

  • sterling silver spoons

    sterling silver spoons

  • sterling weighted

    sterling weighted

  • wooden butter churn barrel

    wooden butter churn barrel

  • Carl Fischer trumpet

    Carl Fischer trumpet

  • vintage toys

    vintage toys

  • oak church pew

    oak church pew

  • quilt


  • crock #6

    crock #6

  • DVD cabinet

    DVD cabinet

  • Eldreth pottery

    Eldreth pottery

  • snowman decorated

    snowman decorated

  • Home theatre system

    Home theatre system

  • watches,necklaces


  • Kodaslide


  • W German owl, Waterford lamp

    W German owl, Waterford lamp

  • pez


  • 45's records

    45's records

  • golf caddies

    golf caddies

  • skeet thrower

    skeet thrower

  • Tonka


  • train trck-more trains to be pictured

    train trck-more trains to be pictured

  • Whirlpool washer, Roper dryer

    Whirlpool washer, Roper dryer

  • Toro


  • Porter Cable

    Porter Cable

  • Bosch


  • numerous hand tools

    numerous hand tools

  • Delta scroll saw

    Delta scroll saw

  • tool box

    tool box

  • many more items- lots to set up

    many more items- lots to set up

  • jointed cracker advertising box

    jointed cracker advertising box

  • posters-dragsters


  • oak dresser

    oak dresser

  • Eldreth pottery bird house

    Eldreth pottery bird house

  • 3 cast iron grids

    3 cast iron grids

  • locksmith rekey

    locksmith rekey

  • Missing top drawers

    Missing top drawers

  • about 10 Elvis records

    about 10 Elvis records

  • tin signs

    tin signs

  • lots older vehicle parts - packaging

    lots older vehicle parts - packaging

  • new old stock

    new old stock

  • baseball buttons

    baseball buttons

  • unopened


  • Moebills


  • Baseball cards

    Baseball cards

  • Jim Beam

    Jim Beam

  • shore bird

    shore bird

  • Lenox,Lefton & more

    Lenox,Lefton & more

  • book box

    book box

  • metal horse

    metal horse

  • Case knife-serial number

    Case knife-serial number

  • door stop

    door stop

  • Elvis collector cards

    Elvis collector cards

  • small Griswold pan

    small Griswold pan

  • Hess trucks

    Hess trucks

  • car horn,light

    car horn,light

  • corvette model

    corvette model

  • portrait plate

    portrait plate

  • Williamsburg pottery

    Williamsburg pottery

  • stainless buckets

    stainless buckets

  • trains-more to be pictured

    trains-more to be pictured

  • track


  • Chevrolet Vega

    Chevrolet Vega

  • crossbow


  • sterling thimble

    sterling thimble