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  • 14k, more to be pictured

    14k, more to be pictured

  • better pictures as I set up

    better pictures as I set up

  • 18 FT tree stands

    18 FT tree stands

  • commemorative coins

    commemorative coins

  • Ward Brothers

    Ward Brothers

  • Martin bird house

    Martin bird house

  • stamps


  • art glass

    art glass

  • Westmoreland


  • Elvis decanters

    Elvis decanters

  • aluminum boat

    aluminum boat

  • fishing


  • Jewelry


  • McCoy


  • Rising Sun

    Rising Sun

  • large tapestry

    large tapestry

  • duck pin Brunswick

    duck pin Brunswick

  • vintage bottles

    vintage bottles

  • Mossy Oak

    Mossy Oak

  • silver coin

    silver coin

  • sterling, 925

    sterling, 925