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  • IR-55 Marked Pegasus

    IR-55 Marked Pegasus

  • 2-Outstanding IR-34 Socony's

    2-Outstanding IR-34 Socony's

  • Both DSP

    Both DSP

  • Curb signs

    Curb signs

  • 9-Mobilgas barn finds!!

    9-Mobilgas barn finds!!

  • Excellent gloss

    Excellent gloss

  • Excellent porcelain Coca-Cola

    Excellent porcelain Coca-Cola

  • Great embossed porcelain

    Great embossed porcelain

  • Flange in great condition

    Flange in great condition

  • Whistle soda sign

    Whistle soda sign

  • Great gloss and condition

    Great gloss and condition

  • Smaltz


  • Outstanding Rare 1pc globe!!!

    Outstanding Rare 1pc globe!!!

  • Porcelain Barber Pole

    Porcelain Barber Pole

  • Excellent pedal Fire Truck

    Excellent pedal Fire Truck

  • 6 ft.

    6 ft.

  • Nice selection of clocks!!

    Nice selection of clocks!!

  • Oliver Clock

    Oliver Clock

  • Bubble clock

    Bubble clock

  • Cat-Tex Soles clock

    Cat-Tex Soles clock

  • Thermometer collection!

    Thermometer collection!

  • Glass globes

    Glass globes

  • Large wooden sign

    Large wooden sign

  • Motion sign

    Motion sign

  • Plastic


  • Great graphical cardboard

    Great graphical cardboard

  • Huge billboard sign

    Huge billboard sign

  • Lg. Sign

    Lg. Sign

  • Large sign

    Large sign

  • Sign hangers

    Sign hangers

  • Garage art

    Garage art

  • Awesome graphics!!

    Awesome graphics!!

  • Banner


  • Lg. Plastic Nissan

    Lg. Plastic Nissan

  • Porc. plates

    Porc. plates

  • Cast iron

    Cast iron

  • Cast iron

    Cast iron

  • Purina checkerboard sign

    Purina checkerboard sign

  • Cardboard easel back

    Cardboard easel back

  • Porcelain


  • Great paint

    Great paint

  • Paper


  • Unusual tombstone

    Unusual tombstone

  • Reverse painted glass

    Reverse painted glass

  • A few reproduction signs

    A few reproduction signs

  • Metal reproduction

    Metal reproduction

  • Banner


  • Boat w/ Awesome Outboard

    Boat w/ Awesome Outboard

  • Trade Simulator

    Trade Simulator

  • Whistle cooler

    Whistle cooler

  • Large DSP

    Large DSP

  • Hardware display

    Hardware display

  • Trolley fare box

    Trolley fare box