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  • Country Store cigar store display

    Country Store cigar store display

  • Awesome 250 Drw Hardware cabinet

    Awesome 250 Drw Hardware cabinet

  • Awesome wooden

    Awesome wooden

  • Straight razor trade sign

    Straight razor trade sign

  • Excellent selection

    Excellent selection

  • Of stoneware!!!

    Of stoneware!!!

  • Numerous cash registers

    Numerous cash registers

  • Brass candy store register

    Brass candy store register

  • Country Store/Hardware

    Country Store/Hardware

  • Cabinets


  • Griswold


  • Good selection of showcases

    Good selection of showcases

  • Cast iron coffee grinder

    Cast iron coffee grinder

  • Salesman sample

    Salesman sample

  • 16 pane Corner cabinet

    16 pane Corner cabinet

  • Burl bowl

    Burl bowl

  • Outstanding double

    Outstanding double

  • Spool cabinet

    Spool cabinet

  • Great wooden registers

    Great wooden registers

  • Hohner harmonica display

    Hohner harmonica display

  • Sewer tile

    Sewer tile

  • Excellent sleigh bells

    Excellent sleigh bells

  • Lg cranberry scoop

    Lg cranberry scoop

  • Unusual cash register

    Unusual cash register

  • Several music boxes

    Several music boxes

  • Primitive buckets

    Primitive buckets

  • Copper candy kettle

    Copper candy kettle

  • Outstanding selection

    Outstanding selection

  • of cast iron,

    of cast iron,

  • including Griswold

    including Griswold

  • #2 thru #14

    #2 thru #14

  • Awesome cabinet

    Awesome cabinet

  • Cleveland Twist Drill Co.

    Cleveland Twist Drill Co.

  • Vertical music box

    Vertical music box

  • Carved shelf

    Carved shelf

  • Sampler


  • Sewer tile

    Sewer tile

  • Early leather

    Early leather

  • Fireman's water buckets

    Fireman's water buckets

  • Early toy sewing machine

    Early toy sewing machine

  • Nice coat rack

    Nice coat rack

  • Another great cigar store display

    Another great cigar store display

  • Lot of late 1800s early 1900s

    Lot of late 1800s early 1900s

  • Fireman's ribbons and badges

    Fireman's ribbons and badges

  • Huge fireman's mural

    Huge fireman's mural

  • More badges

    More badges

  • and ribbons.

    and ribbons.

  • Batter jug

    Batter jug

  • Upside down store display

    Upside down store display

  • Numerous face jugs

    Numerous face jugs

  • Lg. Stoneware Bowl

    Lg. Stoneware Bowl

  • Great paint

    Great paint

  • Saddle in showcase

    Saddle in showcase

  • Excellent paint

    Excellent paint

  • Native American displays

    Native American displays

  • From former Dan Hardesty Museum

    From former Dan Hardesty Museum

  • Great early canoe

    Great early canoe

  • Early wooden carousel Centaur

    Early wooden carousel Centaur

  • More showcases

    More showcases

  • More unique items

    More unique items

  • From the former Museum

    From the former Museum

  • Heavily engraved

    Heavily engraved

  • Lawyers Bookcase

    Lawyers Bookcase

  • Unusual balloon form

    Unusual balloon form

  • Wooden sign

    Wooden sign

  • Schoenhut circus toy

    Schoenhut circus toy

  • Raid siren

    Raid siren

  • Singer featherweight

    Singer featherweight

  • Great dollhouse

    Great dollhouse

  • Early cast iron lights

    Early cast iron lights

  • Myers trolley display

    Myers trolley display

  • Lg. Mortar & pestle

    Lg. Mortar & pestle

  • Nice selection of quilts!!

    Nice selection of quilts!!

  • Rare Eskimo Pie cooler!!

    Rare Eskimo Pie cooler!!

  • More music boxes

    More music boxes

  • Pairpoint Butterfly lamp

    Pairpoint Butterfly lamp

  • Rotating hardware cabinet

    Rotating hardware cabinet

  • Hardware cabinet

    Hardware cabinet

  • Chuck Wagon kitchenette

    Chuck Wagon kitchenette

  • Yellow dog

    Yellow dog

  • Whale oil lamp

    Whale oil lamp

  • Big Bang

    Big Bang

  • Great brass cannon

    Great brass cannon

  • Ford


  • Mule rack

    Mule rack

  • Gaming wheel

    Gaming wheel

  • Waterbury from old train station

    Waterbury from old train station

  • 12- tin pie safe w/eagles

    12- tin pie safe w/eagles

  • More great stoneware!!

    More great stoneware!!

  • A.P. Donaghho storage jar

    A.P. Donaghho storage jar

  • Great tin lunchbox w/thermos

    Great tin lunchbox w/thermos

  • Several Winchester items

    Several Winchester items