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  • Sunbeam bread sign

    Sunbeam bread sign

  • DeLaval sign

    DeLaval sign

  • Eagle Stamps Clock

    Eagle Stamps Clock

  • Spool cabinet

    Spool cabinet

  • Griswold


  • Stoneware


  • coffee grinder

    coffee grinder

  • carbide lamp

    carbide lamp

  • coca cola advertising clock

    coca cola advertising clock

  • Smiths dairy

    Smiths dairy

  • country store display showcase

    country store display showcase

  • Painted wood box

    Painted wood box

  • firken buckets

    firken buckets

  • Air raid siren

    Air raid siren

  • copper fish weathervane

    copper fish weathervane

  • machinist chest

    machinist chest

  • sleigh bells

    sleigh bells

  • brass bells

    brass bells

  • Quaker state

    Quaker state

  • grain bin

    grain bin

  • primitive cupboard

    primitive cupboard

  • Hermitage - Herschel Carousel horse

    Hermitage - Herschel Carousel horse

  • Schwinn "Grey Ghost" Stingray bicycle

    Schwinn "Grey Ghost" Stingray bicycle

  • Early American Plantation desk

    Early American Plantation desk

  • artifacts


  • arrowheads


  • woven rugs

    woven rugs

  • willy Lures

    willy Lures

  • fishing lures

    fishing lures

  • longenberger baskets

    longenberger baskets

  • coleman lantern

    coleman lantern

  • canning crocks

    canning crocks

  • wooden duck decoys

    wooden duck decoys

  • celt


  • redstone pipe

    redstone pipe

  • wooden eagle

    wooden eagle

  • wooden dough bowl and paddle

    wooden dough bowl and paddle

  • Atlantic oil can

    Atlantic oil can

  • lamb mold

    lamb mold

  • ball canning jars

    ball canning jars

  • taxidermy rug

    taxidermy rug

  • jadiete mixer

    jadiete mixer

  • cast iron mail box

    cast iron mail box

  • tobacco cans

    tobacco cans

  • wooden wash boards

    wooden wash boards

  • Maytag oil cans

    Maytag oil cans

  • egg crates

    egg crates

  • egg baskets

    egg baskets

  • Fairbanks Scale

    Fairbanks Scale

  • coke cooler

    coke cooler

  • early Doctors bag

    early Doctors bag

  • Childs doll furniture

    Childs doll furniture

  • pie safe

    pie safe

  • farmhouse table

    farmhouse table

  • wash stand

    wash stand

  • showcase


  • hooded dry sink

    hooded dry sink

  • ice box

    ice box

  • blacksmith items

    blacksmith items

  • writing desk

    writing desk

  • Rootbeer barrel

    Rootbeer barrel

  • Nautical fog horn

    Nautical fog horn

  • Komo paste porcelain sign

    Komo paste porcelain sign

  • cast iron kettle

    cast iron kettle

  • Gerstners machinist chest

    Gerstners machinist chest