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  • crystal clusters

    crystal clusters

  • black apophylite w/blue chalcedony

    black apophylite w/blue chalcedony

  • hematite w/ calcite

    hematite w/ calcite

  • raw blue calcite

    raw blue calcite

  • ceramic Christmas tree

    ceramic Christmas tree

  • violin with wooden case

    violin with wooden case

  • bareback saddle

    bareback saddle

  • hundreds shooter marbles

    hundreds shooter marbles

  • bisque figurines

    bisque figurines

  • Eisenhower signature

    Eisenhower signature

  • pine 6 board dovetailed blanket chest

    pine 6 board dovetailed blanket chest

  • corner cabinet

    corner cabinet

  • Gibson GA SW

    Gibson GA SW

  • sterling charms

    sterling charms

  • NY charm bracelet

    NY charm bracelet

  • Disney watch

    Disney watch

  • jewelry cabinet

    jewelry cabinet

  • Hamilton ladies watch 10k gf

    Hamilton ladies watch 10k gf

  • religious jewelry

    religious jewelry

  • Magic the Gathering

    Magic the Gathering

  • Legos


  • Star Wars legos

    Star Wars legos

  • animal hutch

    animal hutch

  • purifiers


  • Idylis


  • tube radio Majestic radio

    tube radio Majestic radio

  • Poulan


  • several chainsaws

    several chainsaws

  • Schwin Breeze

    Schwin Breeze

  • Snap on

    Snap on

  • Snapon


  • Harbinger PA system

    Harbinger PA system

  • Temptations dishes

    Temptations dishes

  • handmade


  • boat motor, other boat items

    boat motor, other boat items

  • Gamefisher


  • Bakelite


  • Cordoba ukulele

    Cordoba ukulele

  • detector


  • Harley sign

    Harley sign

  • electric tiller

    electric tiller

  • oilers


  • Rhapsody mandolin

    Rhapsody mandolin

  • new saw blades

    new saw blades

  • sterling top shakers

    sterling top shakers

  • straight razors

    straight razors

  • Stubby


  • Zippo & others

    Zippo & others

  • tin


  • tin signs

    tin signs

  • American Indepence chess set

    American Indepence chess set

  • all pcs

    all pcs

  • Baltimore Oriole

    Baltimore Oriole

  • bankers lamp

    bankers lamp

  • Beer phone

    Beer phone

  • primer book

    primer book

  • 1887


  • Sci Fi books

    Sci Fi books

  • Windup cat Japan

    Windup cat Japan

  • Lenox, Nippon

    Lenox, Nippon

  • coin spot

    coin spot

  • cut glass

    cut glass

  • Spode


  • Harley ornament

    Harley ornament

  • solar


  • Lenox, Ver Bradley-more coming

    Lenox, Ver Bradley-more coming

  • Army sleeping bags

    Army sleeping bags

  • Michael Kors and others

    Michael Kors and others

  • Plympus


  • Sterling bonbon

    Sterling bonbon

  • Gorham sterling

    Gorham sterling

  • Silevrside Dairy Wilm DE

    Silevrside Dairy Wilm DE

  • Smokey Bear

    Smokey Bear

  • 1970 MD tag

    1970 MD tag

  • Troy bilt

    Troy bilt

  • starrett


  • General Lee

    General Lee

  • feed cart

    feed cart

  • Wild Thing Poulan

    Wild Thing Poulan

  • still much to unbox

    still much to unbox

  • numerous WWII books

    numerous WWII books

  • Byer dolls

    Byer dolls

  • National Cash Register

    National Cash Register

  • coins


  • Phaltzgraff dish set

    Phaltzgraff dish set

  • model never opened

    model never opened

  • flute


  • brass eagle bookends

    brass eagle bookends

  • vintage hook rug

    vintage hook rug

  • Fisher Price etc

    Fisher Price etc

  • metal gun

    metal gun

  • pen knives

    pen knives

  • Holly Hobby

    Holly Hobby

  • Mickey Mouse night light

    Mickey Mouse night light

  • pasta maker

    pasta maker

  • Vera Bradley

    Vera Bradley

  • Vera Bradley

    Vera Bradley

  • hook rugs

    hook rugs

  • anchor- Minn Kota

    anchor- Minn Kota

  • boat seats

    boat seats

  • winch


  • Barbies


  • toys


  • Ertl etc

    Ertl etc

  • hot water heater

    hot water heater

  • cast iron

    cast iron

  • better view of chess set

    better view of chess set

  • Betsy Ross was 24 when she made the flag

    Betsy Ross was 24 when she made the flag

  • J C Higgins

    J C Higgins

  • Sears Roebuck & Co

    Sears Roebuck & Co

  • signed Madison Mitchell

    signed Madison Mitchell

  • Goose


  • dental drill

    dental drill

  • functions- used to inscribe

    functions- used to inscribe

  • slag glass

    slag glass

  • pearls


  • patchwork quilt

    patchwork quilt

  • Roseville


  • Rubbermaid outdoor shed

    Rubbermaid outdoor shed

  • sterling - Alex Annie

    sterling - Alex Annie

  • vinatge stamps

    vinatge stamps

  • toys


  • video games

    video games

  • signed Newswanger

    signed Newswanger

  • Andrew Wyeth

    Andrew Wyeth

  • New Castle Ferry

    New Castle Ferry

  • A judge can void an election

    A judge can void an election