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  • oak table w/ 4 chairs

    oak table w/ 4 chairs

  • 4-piece wicker style

    4-piece wicker style

  • lots of furniture

    lots of furniture

  • 5-piece patio set

    5-piece patio set

  • patio furniture

    patio furniture

  • mahog. server

    mahog. server

  • drop front lady's desk

    drop front lady's desk

  • patio bar table

    patio bar table

  • laundry stove

    laundry stove

  • Pie safe

    Pie safe

  • Motorcycle


  • Western field 16 ga.

    Western field 16 ga.

  • bench


  • table saw

    table saw

  • carnival glass

    carnival glass

  • crock


  • toys


  • churn


  • wash stand

    wash stand

  • chest of drawers

    chest of drawers

  • marble top table

    marble top table

  • Floor lamps

    Floor lamps

  • antique lamp table

    antique lamp table

  • Watt pottery

    Watt pottery

  • china cabinet

    china cabinet

  • pallet jack

    pallet jack

  • motor lift

    motor lift

  • motorcycle parts

    motorcycle parts

  • Lenox


  • Lenox China

    Lenox China

  • motorcycle parts

    motorcycle parts

  • motorcycle parts

    motorcycle parts

  • crocks


  • Watt, Etc.

    Watt, Etc.

  • Zane Grey books

    Zane Grey books

  • Wooden Indian

    Wooden Indian

  • barrel table w/ 4 chairs

    barrel table w/ 4 chairs

  • gas grill

    gas grill

  • collectiles


  • collectibles


  • love seat

    love seat

  • coffee table

    coffee table