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  • Vintage French Marble Top

    Vintage French Marble Top

  • Jacobean Buffet

    Jacobean Buffet

  • Vintage Chippendale End Tables

    Vintage Chippendale End Tables

  • Art Nouveau Furniture

    Art Nouveau Furniture

  • Mission Furniture

    Mission Furniture

  • Inlaid Furniture

    Inlaid Furniture

  • Coffee Table

    Coffee Table

  • Cedar Chest

    Cedar Chest

  • Modern 80's Furniture

    Modern 80's Furniture

  • !9th Century Plant Stand

    !9th Century Plant Stand

  • Morticia Addams Chair

    Morticia Addams Chair

  • Peacock Chair

    Peacock Chair

  • Butterfly Collection

    Butterfly Collection

  • Insect Collection

    Insect Collection

  • MCM Furniture

    MCM Furniture

  • Vintage Dressers

    Vintage Dressers

  • Campaign Desk

    Campaign Desk

  • Henredon


  • Mid Century Modern Chest

    Mid Century Modern Chest

  • Campaign Furniture

    Campaign Furniture

  • Leaf Chair

    Leaf Chair

  • Window Seat

    Window Seat

  • James Mont Style

    James Mont Style

  • James Mont Style

    James Mont Style

  • James Mont Style

    James Mont Style

  • James Mont Style

    James Mont Style

  • Original Art

    Original Art

  • French Paintings

    French Paintings

  • Einstein Drawing

    Einstein Drawing

  • Antique Paintings

    Antique Paintings

  • R Monti Painting

    R Monti Painting

  • After Pollack

    After Pollack

  • Amen Art

    Amen Art

  • Japanese Antique Bronze Censor

    Japanese Antique Bronze Censor

  • Chinese Bronze

    Chinese Bronze

  • Bronze Vase Signed

    Bronze Vase Signed

  • Japanese Bronze

    Japanese Bronze

  • Ivory Figure Large

    Ivory Figure Large

  • Metal Stainless Steel Table

    Metal Stainless Steel Table

  • French Dresser

    French Dresser

  • Beautiful Bedroom Set

    Beautiful Bedroom Set

  • Double Bombay Dresser

    Double Bombay Dresser

  • Sets of Chairs

    Sets of Chairs

  • Rare Lantern

    Rare Lantern

  • Leather Style Furniture

    Leather Style Furniture

  • Flatware Set

    Flatware Set

  • Antique Dressers

    Antique Dressers

  • Bench French

    Bench French

  • Signed Art

    Signed Art

  • Cup & Saucer Collection

    Cup & Saucer Collection

  • Copper Lustre Dishes

    Copper Lustre Dishes

  • Blue And White China

    Blue And White China

  • Vintage China

    Vintage China

  • Antique Dresser Set

    Antique Dresser Set

  • Many Clocks

    Many Clocks

  • Inlaid Clock

    Inlaid Clock

  • Doll Collection

    Doll Collection

  • Vintage Barbie

    Vintage Barbie

  • German Porcelain Dolls

    German Porcelain Dolls

  • Tons of Art

    Tons of Art

  • Paintings


  • Prints


  • Lithographs


  • Comics


  • Whale Teeth

    Whale Teeth

  • Drafting Tools

    Drafting Tools

  • Patches Badges

    Patches Badges

  • Drafting


  • Daguerreotypes


  • Old Paper Money

    Old Paper Money

  • Silver Coins

    Silver Coins

  • Watches


  • Ship Display

    Ship Display

  • Black Antique Doll

    Black Antique Doll

  • Porcelain Doll

    Porcelain Doll

  • Oak Telephone

    Oak Telephone

  • Binoculars


  • Scrimshaws


  • Souvenir Spoons

    Souvenir Spoons

  • Tons of Collectables

    Tons of Collectables

  • Christmas Stuff Sleds

    Christmas Stuff Sleds

  • Christmas Dolls and Balls

    Christmas Dolls and Balls

  • Toys


  • Fossils


  • MCM Christmas Tree

    MCM Christmas Tree

  • Tables of Fine Glassware

    Tables of Fine Glassware

  • Many Antique and Modern Lamps

    Many Antique and Modern Lamps

  • Books


  • Rare Books

    Rare Books

  • Many Boxes of Albums

    Many Boxes of Albums

  • Vinyl Records

    Vinyl Records

  • Banjo


  • Cup Collection

    Cup Collection

  • Paper Weights

    Paper Weights

  • Lladro Collection

    Lladro Collection

  • Bronze Figure

    Bronze Figure

  • Pearl Handles

    Pearl Handles

  • Cloisonn


  • Bronze


  • Tiffany Style Shades

    Tiffany Style Shades

  • Antique Typewriters

    Antique Typewriters

  • Vintage Cameras

    Vintage Cameras

  • Modern Furniture

    Modern Furniture

  • Mid Century Modern Funiture

    Mid Century Modern Funiture

  • Painted Furniture

    Painted Furniture

  • Old Butcher Block

    Old Butcher Block

  • Mahogany Furniture

    Mahogany Furniture

  • Leather Top Desk

    Leather Top Desk

  • Great Collectable Furnture

    Great Collectable Furnture

  • Upholstered Furniture

    Upholstered Furniture

  • Amo Crates

    Amo Crates

  • Ammunition Boxes

    Ammunition Boxes

  • Arrow Heads

    Arrow Heads

  • Pennsylvania Arrow Head Collection

    Pennsylvania Arrow Head Collection

  • Fossils


  • Soap Stone Figures

    Soap Stone Figures