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  • Toyota Yaris

    Toyota Yaris

  • Ford Ranger

    Ford Ranger

  • Ford Explorer

    Ford Explorer

  • Cadillac


  • Explorer


  • Coin Operated Arcade Ride

    Coin Operated Arcade Ride

  • 1978 MGB

    1978 MGB

  • 2008 PT Cruiser

    2008 PT Cruiser

  • 56K miles

    56K miles

  • Candy Containers

    Candy Containers

  • Agate


  • Advertising Tins

    Advertising Tins

  • Franklin Mint

    Franklin Mint

  • Burger & Lang Stoneware

    Burger & Lang Stoneware

  • Cowden & Wilcox

    Cowden & Wilcox

  • Chas. D Moul York Pa

    Chas. D Moul York Pa

  • Wm Moyer Harrisburg

    Wm Moyer Harrisburg

  • Warren Paper Products Co

    Warren Paper Products Co

  • "Oscar" Still Bank

    "Oscar" Still Bank

  • German Sheppard Doorstop

    German Sheppard Doorstop

  • Breininger Pottery

    Breininger Pottery

  • Vintage Holiday Items

    Vintage Holiday Items

  • Build-Rite, Barnyard

    Build-Rite, Barnyard

  • York Fair

    York Fair

  • Hubley Banks

    Hubley Banks

  • Hubley Airplanes

    Hubley Airplanes

  • Hubley


  • Hubley Cars

    Hubley Cars

  • Cap Guns

    Cap Guns

  • Full Case Matchbox Cars

    Full Case Matchbox Cars

  • Lot A Matchbox

    Lot A Matchbox

  • Lot B Matchbox

    Lot B Matchbox

  • Lot C Matchbox

    Lot C Matchbox

  • Corgi


  • Kellogg s Phone

    Kellogg s Phone

  • Kodak K-100 16mm

    Kodak K-100 16mm

  • Bell & Howell

    Bell & Howell

  • Union Pacific RR Spittoon

    Union Pacific RR Spittoon

  • Brass Baldwin Candlesticks

    Brass Baldwin Candlesticks

  • Antique Cookie Cutters

    Antique Cookie Cutters

  • Bossoms


  • Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom

  • Belleek


  • Bohemian Glass

    Bohemian Glass

  • Doulton Lambeth

    Doulton Lambeth

  • Murano Glass

    Murano Glass

  • Perfumes


  • Kaiser Germany Clock

    Kaiser Germany Clock

  • Royal Doulton Figurines

    Royal Doulton Figurines

  • Hubley Doorstops

    Hubley Doorstops

  • Coffee Grinders

    Coffee Grinders

  • Beleek


  • German Beer Steins

    German Beer Steins

  • Drexel Chest

    Drexel Chest

  • Freezer