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  • William LaValley

    William LaValley

  • Sterling


  • Americana


  • Francois DeCorchemont!

    Francois DeCorchemont!

  • 36"TIGER Maple Desk

    36"TIGER Maple Desk

  • Bold Tiger Maple Sewing Stand

    Bold Tiger Maple Sewing Stand

  • Japanese Block Printts

    Japanese Block Printts

  • Rare Mini WallPaper Box

    Rare Mini WallPaper Box

  • Fine Tea Caddy

    Fine Tea Caddy

  • Tortoise box,bigalow,Kinnard,Bostn

    Tortoise box,bigalow,Kinnard,Bostn

  • Super Federal Sideboard

    Super Federal Sideboard

  • Willard School Gilt Banjo Clock

    Willard School Gilt Banjo Clock

  • Splay leg Tap table

    Splay leg Tap table

  • red wash 2pc Corner Cupboard

    red wash 2pc Corner Cupboard



  • Deerfield Bannister back Chairs

    Deerfield Bannister back Chairs

  • Francois DeCorchemont,1880-1971

    Francois DeCorchemont,1880-1971

  • DeCorchmont


  • American Silver.....

    American Silver.....

  • E.Mead,St.Louis,MO,1832-50


  • French Burl Deco cig.cases w/lovers

    French Burl Deco cig.cases w/lovers

  • Eli Terry Pillar +Scroll

    Eli Terry Pillar +Scroll

  • William LaValley

    William LaValley

  • Keystone 1885

    Keystone 1885

  • Kroeber,NY,Herter style

    Kroeber,NY,Herter style

  • J+F Norton Blue Jay on Tree

    J+F Norton Blue Jay on Tree

  • Tavern Table

    Tavern Table

  • Boston school w/birdseye Maple

    Boston school w/birdseye Maple

  • Tiffany sterling

    Tiffany sterling

  • Higgins


  • Geo.3,bedside Cabinet w/tambour dr

    Geo.3,bedside Cabinet w/tambour dr

  • Princess Bokhara Bagface

    Princess Bokhara Bagface

  • Turkoman Bag Face

    Turkoman Bag Face

  • Stepbck Cupbrd

    Stepbck Cupbrd

  • NICE Sea Captains Chest in green

    NICE Sea Captains Chest in green

  • 2pc.painted Stepback

    2pc.painted Stepback

  • Sterlng Silver Fountainbleau pat.

    Sterlng Silver Fountainbleau pat.

  • Wally Ames

    Wally Ames

  • Postcards incl.Keene,NH

    Postcards incl.Keene,NH

  • Sterling


  • Cut Metal weathervane

    Cut Metal weathervane

  • Featherweight Singer

    Featherweight Singer

  • X-mas


  • metal letters

    metal letters

  • Old stained glass

    Old stained glass

  • C+Ives styl.paintng,20c

    C+Ives styl.paintng,20c

  • Fncy Singer,Birdseye Maple case

    Fncy Singer,Birdseye Maple case

  • Sterling


  • Cast Iron

    Cast Iron

  • Honduran Mahogany

    Honduran Mahogany

  • Federal Sideboard

    Federal Sideboard

  • hand carved ...w/...

    hand carved ...w/...

  • Baltimore reatilers label

    Baltimore reatilers label

  • L(eonard)M(arlborough) Powell 1883-1916

    L(eonard)M(arlborough) Powell 1883-1916

  • Leonard M.Powell,Scottish

    Leonard M.Powell,Scottish

  • Leonard Marlborough Powell

    Leonard Marlborough Powell

  • Walter Lawrence 1864-1929

    Walter Lawrence 1864-1929

  • Americana Warming Pans

    Americana Warming Pans

  • Paint Decorated

    Paint Decorated

  • sgd Cranberry Scoop

    sgd Cranberry Scoop

  • Weller Louwelsa

    Weller Louwelsa

  • Baskets


  • Snuff box lot

    Snuff box lot

  • Handsome Secretary

    Handsome Secretary

  • American View Staffordshire

    American View Staffordshire

  • Unus.Lantern


  • Sterling


  • Willard School Banjo Clock

    Willard School Banjo Clock

  • prayer Rug

    prayer Rug

  • Overshot reversible Coverlet

    Overshot reversible Coverlet

  • reverse


  • ca.1850 wall papered box

    ca.1850 wall papered box

  • Period Chippendale

    Period Chippendale

  • spearback Windsor

    spearback Windsor

  • 6 Nesting yelloware Bowls

    6 Nesting yelloware Bowls

  • Bellermine Jug

    Bellermine Jug

  • Old Choppng Bowl lot

    Old Choppng Bowl lot

  • Pawn Shop Trade Sign

    Pawn Shop Trade Sign

  • 1830 Mahogany wood

    1830 Mahogany wood

  • Yoshitoshi


  • Kitagawa Utamaro

    Kitagawa Utamaro

  • Guilford Spring water

    Guilford Spring water

  • Nautical Lantern

    Nautical Lantern

  • Manchester,NH


  • Screaming Tiger Maple,36"wide

    Screaming Tiger Maple,36"wide