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  • 4pc bedroom suite

    4pc bedroom suite

  • matching chest

    matching chest

  • Smith Brothers sofa

    Smith Brothers sofa

  • Smith Brothers chair

    Smith Brothers chair

  • Tarzan puzzle; blocks

    Tarzan puzzle; blocks

  • quilt & quilt tops

    quilt & quilt tops

  • stoneware pitcher

    stoneware pitcher

  • Keller oak table/chairs

    Keller oak table/chairs

  • desk and chair

    desk and chair

  • sofa table

    sofa table

  • small drop-leaf table

    small drop-leaf table

  • chest-on-chest


  • dresser w/mirror

    dresser w/mirror

  • single bed

    single bed

  • night stand

    night stand

  • Kenmore


  • water color by Gray

    water color by Gray

  • water color by Gray

    water color by Gray

  • Vera Bradley

    Vera Bradley

  • cute doll

    cute doll

  • more dolls etc

    more dolls etc

  • decorative items

    decorative items

  • craft - wagon, horses

    craft - wagon, horses

  • Kirby Sweeper

    Kirby Sweeper

  • Oreck sweeper

    Oreck sweeper

  • Oreck electric broom

    Oreck electric broom

  • Christmas


  • Seasonal


  • Yorktowne dishes

    Yorktowne dishes

  • Paltzgraffe


  • Colander


  • Casseroles


  • vegetable bowls

    vegetable bowls

  • large pie plate

    large pie plate