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Very Fine Quality Holiday Auction

  • Embroidered fire screen

    Embroidered fire screen

  • Large collection Flo Blue

    Large collection Flo Blue

  • Brass bookends

    Brass bookends

  • Fernery


  • Barometer


  • Carved dog

    Carved dog

  • Imari


  • Collection of canes

    Collection of canes

  • Columbia gramophone

    Columbia gramophone

  • Lantern electrified

    Lantern electrified

  • Pedestal


  • Early kettle stand

    Early kettle stand

  • Tricorn stools

    Tricorn stools

  • Mirror with candle arms

    Mirror with candle arms

  • Nice spice chest

    Nice spice chest

  • Vintage measuring spoons

    Vintage measuring spoons

  • Early firkin

    Early firkin

  • Large set Myott Royal Mail china

    Large set Myott Royal Mail china

  • Child's toy piano

    Child's toy piano

  • Child's piano stool

    Child's piano stool

  • unsigned oil on canvas

    unsigned oil on canvas

  • Copper warming pan

    Copper warming pan

  • Vintage phone w/ box

    Vintage phone w/ box

  • Garden seat

    Garden seat

  • Damage to top

    Damage to top

  • Vintage spice cabinet

    Vintage spice cabinet

  • Sewing stand

    Sewing stand

  • Several jars of marbles

    Several jars of marbles