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  • metal with wrought hooks

    metal with wrought hooks

  • Spain


  • stack bookcase

    stack bookcase

  • Lady and the Tramp

    Lady and the Tramp

  • copper kettle

    copper kettle

  • Wade


  • many other action figures

    many other action figures

  • Atlas


  • cat iron

    cat iron

  • Civil War

    Civil War

  • Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas

  • leather, camo

    leather, camo

  • US


  • sterling wise men

    sterling wise men

  • many toy guns

    many toy guns

  • silver bullet

    silver bullet

  • Atwater Kent radio

    Atwater Kent radio

  • barn door

    barn door

  • Lefton- other cat collectibles

    Lefton- other cat collectibles

  • walnut dropleaf coffee table

    walnut dropleaf coffee table

  • Delaware Park

    Delaware Park

  • Dept56


  • 48 star flag -sewn

    48 star flag -sewn

  • metal


  • holsters, slings

    holsters, slings

  • numerous ornaments,

    numerous ornaments,

  • xbox


  • strap hinges

    strap hinges