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  • Neon Clock

    Neon Clock

  • French Ft Chest,Foster Estate

    French Ft Chest,Foster Estate

  • North Shore Chest,Foster.Est.

    North Shore Chest,Foster.Est.

  • Hvy Ster.Theo.Starr,NY

    Hvy Ster.Theo.Starr,NY

  • Nord Bowlen

    Nord Bowlen

  • LG.Trade Card etc.Lot

    LG.Trade Card etc.Lot

  • Nice Vict.Walnut Secretary

    Nice Vict.Walnut Secretary

  • Country


  • Gia Loi Bronzes

    Gia Loi Bronzes

  • 19c.21'x12' Oriental from Chateau

    19c.21'x12' Oriental from Chateau

  • Food Jars

    Food Jars

  • |Pioneer Valley1drwr CherryStand

    |Pioneer Valley1drwr CherryStand

  • ca,1800,French ft Chest

    ca,1800,French ft Chest

  • What a nice Rear view

    What a nice Rear view

  • (sculpted Fruit)

    (sculpted Fruit)

  • Silver lot

    Silver lot

  • Country


  • Jim Lewk,France,US

    Jim Lewk,France,US

  • Quabbin Rainbow(has medal)

    Quabbin Rainbow(has medal)

  • Early Staffordshire Scottish Figures

    Early Staffordshire Scottish Figures

  • Sterling


  • Sterling Etc.(1 sale)

    Sterling Etc.(1 sale)

  • BOOO!


  • Jewelry incl.Gold

    Jewelry incl.Gold

  • US Stamp Cllctn incl:Plateblocks

    US Stamp Cllctn incl:Plateblocks

  • Nifty Country Store Barrel

    Nifty Country Store Barrel

  • SANSUI mdl 9090DB

    SANSUI mdl 9090DB

  • Tea Leaf ironstone ,etc.

    Tea Leaf ironstone ,etc.

  • Metal Soda Cooler(Athol,Ma)

    Metal Soda Cooler(Athol,Ma)

  • Banded Yellow ware

    Banded Yellow ware

  • Good Old Mallard BootScraper

    Good Old Mallard BootScraper

  • Wood Ferkins

    Wood Ferkins

  • D.M.Hopkins,Pa.?


  • Interesting Oak Demilune stand

    Interesting Oak Demilune stand

  • 20 Wood Shaft Golf clubs

    20 Wood Shaft Golf clubs

  • 2Western Images

    2Western Images

  • Early hand colord etchngs,strange lands

    Early hand colord etchngs,strange lands

  • 19c.


  • Ephemera


  • Nice ephemera

    Nice ephemera

  • Digeree Doo

    Digeree Doo

  • WP Tarbell,Milford,NH 1888-91

    WP Tarbell,Milford,NH 1888-91

  • Wedell Philips Tarbell

    Wedell Philips Tarbell

  • ||Gia ||Loi,20c.VietNam Bronze

    ||Gia ||Loi,20c.VietNam Bronze

  • Gia Loi,20c,VietNam

    Gia Loi,20c,VietNam

  • Fosterestate


  • Many Bottles

    Many Bottles

  • Bottles


  • Daniel Boone Beveridges

    Daniel Boone Beveridges

  • Bottles


  • Mini Chest

    Mini Chest

  • Sgnd Back Saw

    Sgnd Back Saw

  • Unus.#1 Ball top Pump

    Unus.#1 Ball top Pump

  • Local IronSign

    Local IronSign

  • RR Lanterns

    RR Lanterns

  • 3 Nifty Scale mdl Bikes

    3 Nifty Scale mdl Bikes

  • Clean "Skifer"

    Clean "Skifer"

  • Camera lot incl.clean Argus"Brick"

    Camera lot incl.clean Argus"Brick"

  • 52 QualityFoldingKnives lot

    52 QualityFoldingKnives lot

  • Bookmans' Bookends

    Bookmans' Bookends

  • Key collection

    Key collection

  • incl:telescoping+folding


  • staright razor,etc.lot

    staright razor,etc.lot

  • hvy papermilk bottles for

    hvy papermilk bottles for

  • use on RR s+ships

    use on RR s+ships

  • Jewelry,etc


  • Fishing incl:Harnell 8'7" Fly Rod

    Fishing incl:Harnell 8'7" Fly Rod

  • |pr.Johnny Walker Lighthouse Lamps

    |pr.Johnny Walker Lighthouse Lamps

  • |Golden Oak,2 lvs

    |Golden Oak,2 lvs

  • Sgd Danish Modern

    Sgd Danish Modern

  • Heywood Wakefield

    Heywood Wakefield

  • Paperweights


  • Country


  • Mahogany inlaid

    Mahogany inlaid

  • Wild Designer"Surf Board"Table

    Wild Designer"Surf Board"Table

  • Mint w/Box Drink Dispensor

    Mint w/Box Drink Dispensor

  • w/c sgd Bennett

    w/c sgd Bennett

  • Bokhara


  • Neon Clock

    Neon Clock

  • Doll items

    Doll items

  • Custom Garden Seats

    Custom Garden Seats

  • Streeter Placque

    Streeter Placque

  • Trunks


  • Vict.Walnut Secretary

    Vict.Walnut Secretary

  • Birdseye Maple interior

    Birdseye Maple interior

  • North Shore Sheraton ca.1810 Chest

    North Shore Sheraton ca.1810 Chest

  • from Foster estate

    from Foster estate

  • period Dressertop Mirr.

    period Dressertop Mirr.

  • 19c.Oriental 21'x12',Foster Estate

    19c.Oriental 21'x12',Foster Estate

  • originally from Chateau,Northfield

    originally from Chateau,Northfield

  • ca.1820 Linen Press

    ca.1820 Linen Press

  • Real Honduran Mahogny(now depleted)

    Real Honduran Mahogny(now depleted)

  • Sterling


  • Sterling incl.

    Sterling incl.

  • Judaica saucer

    Judaica saucer

  • Fall River,Bernardston,Ma.

    Fall River,Bernardston,Ma.

  • sgnd Nord Bowlen,noted artist &

    sgnd Nord Bowlen,noted artist &

  • LuntSilver Designer

    LuntSilver Designer

  • 16"Bisque Queen Louise doll

    16"Bisque Queen Louise doll

  • Quilting


  • Nifty Articulated+Enameld Cray Fish

    Nifty Articulated+Enameld Cray Fish

  • Lg.Mont,Lake Ontario

    Lg.Mont,Lake Ontario

  • Lg.Mount,Lake Ontario

    Lg.Mount,Lake Ontario

  • Art Glass pitcher lot

    Art Glass pitcher lot

  • Early Satffordshire Figures lot

    Early Satffordshire Figures lot

  • Meissen


  • Sterling


  • Vintage Clothing Vintage Clothing

  • Jewelry incl.Sterling

    Jewelry incl.Sterling

  • Jewelry incl:Sterling

    Jewelry incl:Sterling

  • LG.Jewelry Lot

    LG.Jewelry Lot

  • Jumping Frog,Mark Twain's

    Jumping Frog,Mark Twain's

  • 1'st Published Book.1868

    1'st Published Book.1868

  • Mini furniture

    Mini furniture

  • Jewelry




  • all artist signed

    all artist signed

  • Well listedNature artist

    Well listedNature artist

  • RAY HARM,artst sgnd

    RAY HARM,artst sgnd

  • Ray Harm,artst sgnd

    Ray Harm,artst sgnd

  • Jewelry


  • 14k Gold

    14k Gold

  • Jewelry Lot

    Jewelry Lot

  • Jewelry,etc.


  • Jewelry,etc.


  • Hummmmm


  • RR Paper

    RR Paper

  • porcelain bust

    porcelain bust

  • Foster estate Stamp Cllectn incl:Foriegn

    Foster estate Stamp Cllectn incl:Foriegn

  • Lg.grp US 1'stdayCovers+United Nations

    Lg.grp US 1'stdayCovers+United Nations

  • US Stamps

    US Stamps

  • group US+Foriegn COINS

    group US+Foriegn COINS

  • Showcase Full(1 sale!)

    Showcase Full(1 sale!)

  • Various Country

    Various Country

  • Doll lot

    Doll lot

  • Copper+Brass lots

    Copper+Brass lots

  • Teddy Bears ,etc

    Teddy Bears ,etc

  • Copper+Brass


  • Lots


  • Grocery Baskets

    Grocery Baskets

  • LG.Photo lot

    LG.Photo lot

  • Photo lot

    Photo lot

  • 2 Roomsz,8'x10'Chinese Orientals

    2 Roomsz,8'x10'Chinese Orientals

  • Lg.Postcard Lot incl.Bernardstn,etc.

    Lg.Postcard Lot incl.Bernardstn,etc.

  • 14k


  • W.Nutting


  • Currer Bell,1'st Ed.(Charltt Bronte)

    Currer Bell,1'st Ed.(Charltt Bronte)

  • I'm Hopping to this Auction

    I'm Hopping to this Auction