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  • Union Civil War breast plate

    Union Civil War breast plate

  • Antique mantel clock

    Antique mantel clock

  • 1800s oil lamp

    1800s oil lamp

  • Antique countertop display

    Antique countertop display

  • Metal rack planter

    Metal rack planter

  • Medical glass crock

    Medical glass crock

  • Victorian wicker planter

    Victorian wicker planter

  • Antique crock

    Antique crock

  • Crock


  • Victorian corner shelf

    Victorian corner shelf

  • Dresser


  • Antique dresser

    Antique dresser

  • Oak dek

    Oak dek

  • Antique oak washstand

    Antique oak washstand

  • Metal cart

    Metal cart

  • Fredericksburg monipoly

    Fredericksburg monipoly

  • Alligator


  • Antique mirror

    Antique mirror

  • Assorted antique brass frames

    Assorted antique brass frames

  • German deer wall art

    German deer wall art

  • Painted mushroom

    Painted mushroom

  • Barbie


  • Barbies


  • Roll top desk

    Roll top desk

  • Barbies


  • Marilyn barbie

    Marilyn barbie

  • Marilyn barbie

    Marilyn barbie

  • Matchbox


  • Sportscards


  • Dukes are of hazard

    Dukes are of hazard

  • Inside is WAtch

    Inside is WAtch

  • Chipped match box

    Chipped match box

  • Sports cards

    Sports cards

  • Pokmon cards

    Pokmon cards

  • Asian toy

    Asian toy

  • Awesome marbles

    Awesome marbles

  • Print/stamp


  • Bullet proof vest

    Bullet proof vest

  • Large carved Asian bird

    Large carved Asian bird

  • Print/stamp


  • Crock


  • Jelly fish paperweight

    Jelly fish paperweight

  • Castrion pot

    Castrion pot

  • Antique radio

    Antique radio

  • Wood tree with surprise

    Wood tree with surprise

  • Russian nester

    Russian nester

  • Cast iron sled

    Cast iron sled

  • Crock


  • Antique mold

    Antique mold

  • Glass carved figurine

    Glass carved figurine

  • Milking stool

    Milking stool

  • Choice snow babies

    Choice snow babies

  • Antique sewing box

    Antique sewing box

  • Antique cookie makers

    Antique cookie makers

  • More


  • More


  • Antique planter

    Antique planter

  • Vintage snowman

    Vintage snowman

  • Antique Christmas

    Antique Christmas

  • More


  • Vintage santa

    Vintage santa

  • Antique planter

    Antique planter

  • AwYer bucket

    AwYer bucket

  • 1970 Christmas bells

    1970 Christmas bells

  • Ad box

    Ad box

  • Antique basket

    Antique basket

  • Sliver dollar belt buckle

    Sliver dollar belt buckle

  • Antique spice rack

    Antique spice rack

  • Huge cast iron bowl and mortar

    Huge cast iron bowl and mortar

  • Vintage elves

    Vintage elves

  • John Wayne print

    John Wayne print

  • Antique heart trinket box

    Antique heart trinket box

  • Victorian jewelry box music

    Victorian jewelry box music

  • Assorted Victorian pictures

    Assorted Victorian pictures

  • Fredericksburg ginger jars

    Fredericksburg ginger jars

  • Antique match holder

    Antique match holder

  • US Marine cup

    US Marine cup

  • Crock


  • Oil lamp

    Oil lamp

  • Antique pitcher

    Antique pitcher

  • Victorian child shoes

    Victorian child shoes

  • Mini antique irons

    Mini antique irons

  • Victorian wall match holder

    Victorian wall match holder

  • Antique candle bold

    Antique candle bold

  • Hardware box

    Hardware box

  • Antique cake molds

    Antique cake molds

  • Bread bowl would

    Bread bowl would

  • Assorted antique rolling pins

    Assorted antique rolling pins

  • Assorted antique rolling pins

    Assorted antique rolling pins

  • Victorian frame

    Victorian frame

  • Mini toy coat bottles

    Mini toy coat bottles

  • Antique Victorian frame

    Antique Victorian frame

  • Quilts


  • Santa


  • Santa


  • Antique paper Christmas

    Antique paper Christmas

  • Vintage sander

    Vintage sander

  • Hand painted wood Santa clauses

    Hand painted wood Santa clauses

  • Antique ornaments

    Antique ornaments

  • Fredericksburg magazines

    Fredericksburg magazines

  • Antique Santa Claus book

    Antique Santa Claus book

  • Antique Santa Claus horn

    Antique Santa Claus horn

  • Fredericksburg book

    Fredericksburg book

  • Large crock with lid

    Large crock with lid

  • Billy button Snowman

    Billy button Snowman

  • Billy button Snowman

    Billy button Snowman

  • Vintage Santa clauses

    Vintage Santa clauses

  • Belly button snowman

    Belly button snowman

  • Belly button snowman

    Belly button snowman

  • Nutcracker


  • Metal deer slits

    Metal deer slits

  • Early Santa Klos

    Early Santa Klos

  • Ornament container

    Ornament container

  • 1960 snowman

    1960 snowman

  • Antique basket

    Antique basket

  • Antique mixers

    Antique mixers

  • Trivets


  • Antique utensils

    Antique utensils

  • Antique matches

    Antique matches

  • Trivets


  • Antique prints

    Antique prints

  • Antique large dough bowl

    Antique large dough bowl

  • Antique dough bowlv

    Antique dough bowlv

  • Black memo ad

    Black memo ad

  • Dog bank

    Dog bank

  • Rare medical jar

    Rare medical jar

  • Antique mixers

    Antique mixers

  • Huge rolling pin

    Huge rolling pin

  • Antique shadow pictures

    Antique shadow pictures

  • Barrel of marbles

    Barrel of marbles

  • Lance jar

    Lance jar

  • Antique basket of wood blocks

    Antique basket of wood blocks

  • Black memo figurine

    Black memo figurine

  • Black figurine

    Black figurine

  • Rare black memo

    Rare black memo

  • Black head

    Black head

  • Black memo

    Black memo

  • Black recipe box

    Black recipe box

  • Black ashtray

    Black ashtray

  • Black ashtray

    Black ashtray

  • Black figurine

    Black figurine

  • Vintage black book

    Vintage black book

  • More


  • Brass bucket

    Brass bucket

  • Antique pitcher

    Antique pitcher

  • School clock

    School clock

  • Lionel trains

    Lionel trains

  • Dewalt nailer

    Dewalt nailer

  • 1960 snowman

    1960 snowman

  • Lodge


  • Vintage carriage

    Vintage carriage

  • Nutcracker


  • Cast iron clock

    Cast iron clock

  • Barometer


  • Wood wood horse

    Wood wood horse

  • Metal bookends

    Metal bookends

  • Brass ram bookends

    Brass ram bookends

  • Antique sled

    Antique sled

  • Sun mirror

    Sun mirror

  • Antique horse cart toy

    Antique horse cart toy

  • Heavy brass eagle

    Heavy brass eagle

  • Heavy metal ram figurine

    Heavy metal ram figurine

  • Decoys


  • Antique mantle clock

    Antique mantle clock

  • Antique mantle clock

    Antique mantle clock

  • Occupied Japan figurines

    Occupied Japan figurines

  • Assorted vintage ashtrays

    Assorted vintage ashtrays

  • French poster

    French poster

  • Metal Asian dragon picture

    Metal Asian dragon picture

  • Vintage chandeliers

    Vintage chandeliers

  • Metal soldiers

    Metal soldiers

  • Vintage coke sign

    Vintage coke sign

  • 1960 candileer

    1960 candileer

  • Box of pezs

    Box of pezs

  • Fox stoll

    Fox stoll

  • Antique tools

    Antique tools

  • Duck book ends

    Duck book ends

  • Vintage bartender tou

    Vintage bartender tou

  • Nutcrackers


  • Board games

    Board games

  • McDonalds beanie babies

    McDonalds beanie babies

  • Flute


  • Christmas wall hanger

    Christmas wall hanger

  • Sharp Tv

    Sharp Tv

  • Building toy

    Building toy

  • Boxes of DVDs

    Boxes of DVDs

  • Food dehydrator

    Food dehydrator

  • Vintage movies

    Vintage movies

  • Vintage movie player

    Vintage movie player

  • Needlepoint


  • George foreman grill

    George foreman grill

  • Jigsaw


  • Helix


  • Karaoke machine

    Karaoke machine

  • Metal flower wall art

    Metal flower wall art

  • New Bissell cleaner

    New Bissell cleaner

  • Antique stand up Victrola

    Antique stand up Victrola

  • Antique cherry highboy

    Antique cherry highboy

  • Lane chest

    Lane chest

  • French provincial armoire

    French provincial armoire

  • Vintage plant holders

    Vintage plant holders

  • Vintage metal eagle art

    Vintage metal eagle art

  • Chest


  • Lean chest

    Lean chest

  • Handmade crocheted

    Handmade crocheted

  • Antique dresser

    Antique dresser

  • Humpty Dumpty desk

    Humpty Dumpty desk

  • Antique kids desk

    Antique kids desk

  • Antique reverse painting

    Antique reverse painting

  • Still painting

    Still painting

  • Still painting

    Still painting

  • Still paintings

    Still paintings

  • Antique oval military print

    Antique oval military print

  • Vintage tea sit

    Vintage tea sit

  • Large painting

    Large painting

  • Reverse painting/mirror

    Reverse painting/mirror