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  • Double rod-back chair

    Double rod-back chair

  • Wm. McK Snyder sll

    Wm. McK Snyder sll

  • oriental rug

    oriental rug

  • Double rod-back chair

    Double rod-back chair

  • Sterling, vintage brooch

    Sterling, vintage brooch

  • step-down side chair

    step-down side chair

  • L. Hictchcock Windsor

    L. Hictchcock Windsor

  • paper label

    paper label

  • view of back

    view of back

  • Ladder-back chair

    Ladder-back chair

  • Ladder-back chair

    Ladder-back chair

  • Ladder-back chair

    Ladder-back chair

  • unusual Rush seat

    unusual Rush seat

  • back view

    back view

  • Wm. McK. Snyder sll

    Wm. McK. Snyder sll

  • Chas Feder slr

    Chas Feder slr

  • J Rl Neilson slr

    J Rl Neilson slr

  • unsigned


  • H G printed on back

    H G printed on back

  • sll, unsure of artist

    sll, unsure of artist

  • K Reimei slr

    K Reimei slr

  • slr Morrall ?

    slr Morrall ?

  • sll Parker (J A Parker)

    sll Parker (J A Parker)

  • slr ? G Volz

    slr ? G Volz

  • slr V Lion

    slr V Lion

  • signed Varner

    signed Varner

  • sll John A. Servas

    sll John A. Servas

  • slr B Tarlton

    slr B Tarlton

  • slr Gerrie Govert

    slr Gerrie Govert

  • nice selection

    nice selection

  • Hamilton watch

    Hamilton watch

  • costume jewelry

    costume jewelry

  • costume jewelry

    costume jewelry

  • Writing box

    Writing box

  • antique Writing box

    antique Writing box

  • antique writing box

    antique writing box

  • Jewelry chest

    Jewelry chest

  • another view

    another view

  • Soap stone

    Soap stone

  • sample of Lustre

    sample of Lustre

  • Lustre


  • Pink Lustre teapot

    Pink Lustre teapot

  • more desirable items

    more desirable items

  • Cutty Sark Jug

    Cutty Sark Jug

  • back view

    back view

  • Wheaton, Eisenhower

    Wheaton, Eisenhower

  • ....Burns at the Plough

    ....Burns at the Plough

  • ...Turning up a mouse

    ...Turning up a mouse

  • Lake of Geneva, Eng

    Lake of Geneva, Eng

  • Staffordshire, 12"

    Staffordshire, 12"

  • base


  • Staffordshire, 12"

    Staffordshire, 12"

  • back side

    back side

  • Nelson, mug, as is

    Nelson, mug, as is

  • Crimean War Allies

    Crimean War Allies

  • Fruit Seller figurine

    Fruit Seller figurine

  • Gent with Keg & Jug

    Gent with Keg & Jug

  • Spaniel w/pups 5 1/2"

    Spaniel w/pups 5 1/2"

  • pen holder

    pen holder

  • Girl on Goat figurine

    Girl on Goat figurine

  • Gleaners, 12"

    Gleaners, 12"

  • pair figurines

    pair figurines

  • White Spaniel 13"

    White Spaniel 13"

  • Shafferford figures

    Shafferford figures

  • Dog figure with pups

    Dog figure with pups

  • William III

    William III

  • Blue Cottage/Swans

    Blue Cottage/Swans

  • Sranfield Hall 6"

    Sranfield Hall 6"

  • House w/ Tuirrets

    House w/ Tuirrets

  • Lord Raglans, as is

    Lord Raglans, as is

  • building w/stairs 6"

    building w/stairs 6"

  • Crimean Fr. Soldier

    Crimean Fr. Soldier

  • Lady w/dog, repaired

    Lady w/dog, repaired

  • Spaniel on stool

    Spaniel on stool

  • Neat piece 10"

    Neat piece 10"

  • Highlander and Lass

    Highlander and Lass

  • Hunter's Wife

    Hunter's Wife

  • J R Stoneware

    J R Stoneware

  • Delft


  • Melbourne C & W 8"

    Melbourne C & W 8"

  • back of Melbourne

    back of Melbourne

  • Historic platter

    Historic platter

  • Woods,


  • English Scenery

    English Scenery

  • English Scenery

    English Scenery

  • Mason's bowl

    Mason's bowl

  • Whieldon Pheasant

    Whieldon Pheasant

  • Baum Bros 7"

    Baum Bros 7"

  • Wood Potters

    Wood Potters

  • Capture of Vincennes

    Capture of Vincennes

  • back view

    back view

  • cow creamer

    cow creamer

  • Arthur Wood

    Arthur Wood

  • E M & C Paris

    E M & C Paris

  • Ringtons tea canister

    Ringtons tea canister

  • Old Cottage Chintz

    Old Cottage Chintz

  • Ginger jar

    Ginger jar

  • Blue/white ginger jar

    Blue/white ginger jar

  • All American album

    All American album

  • Sample of stamps

    Sample of stamps