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  • Lobster marker

    Lobster marker

  • Spinning Wheel

    Spinning Wheel



  • Laminate flooring

    Laminate flooring

  • Commercial carpet sq.

    Commercial carpet sq.

  • Wurlitzer according

    Wurlitzer according

  • Skid linoleum sq."s

    Skid linoleum sq."s

  • Skids of carpet sq's

    Skids of carpet sq's

  • Antique furniture

    Antique furniture

  • Comic books

    Comic books

  • Quality carpet

    Quality carpet

  • Ceramic floor tile

    Ceramic floor tile

  • Vintage cash registers

    Vintage cash registers

  • Skid laminate flooring

    Skid laminate flooring

  • Maple furniture

    Maple furniture

  • Griswold #3 & 10

    Griswold #3 & 10

  • Skids of carpet squares

    Skids of carpet squares

  • Armstrong flooring

    Armstrong flooring

  • Bruce flooring

    Bruce flooring

  • Entriken baseball uniform

    Entriken baseball uniform