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  • Allis Chalmers with snowblade

    Allis Chalmers with snowblade

  • chipper/shredder


  • craftsman mower

    craftsman mower

  • shop furnace

    shop furnace

  • toolbox/tools


  • larkin vise

    larkin vise

  • air compressor

    air compressor

  • electric fireplace

    electric fireplace

  • welder


  • cast iron meat grinder

    cast iron meat grinder

  • Geode


  • Crock from Hawkeye Pickle Burlington, Ia

    Crock from Hawkeye Pickle Burlington, Ia

  • Leather recliner

    Leather recliner

  • floral arrangement

    floral arrangement

  • small dry sink

    small dry sink

  • drop-leaf table

    drop-leaf table

  • stove


  • porcelain tabletop

    porcelain tabletop

  • vintage yard cart

    vintage yard cart

  • carnival glass candydish

    carnival glass candydish

  • Germany bowl

    Germany bowl

  • Dutch kissing statues

    Dutch kissing statues