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  • Backwoods Auction & Artifacts

    Backwoods Auction & Artifacts

  • 3 BdRm/2 Bath Home

    3 BdRm/2 Bath Home

  • Includes Full Basement

    Includes Full Basement

  • 4 Outbuildings

    4 Outbuildings

  • Home sits on 2.39 Acres

    Home sits on 2.39 Acres

  • Cast Iron Dinner Bell

    Cast Iron Dinner Bell

  • Numerous Oil Lamps

    Numerous Oil Lamps

  • Several Vintage Anvils

    Several Vintage Anvils

  • Many Animal Figurines

    Many Animal Figurines

  • Cast Iron Piece

    Cast Iron Piece

  • Hen On a Nest

    Hen On a Nest

  • White House Vinegar Jars

    White House Vinegar Jars

  • Salem Thermometer

    Salem Thermometer

  • Nice Book Case

    Nice Book Case

  • China Cabinet

    China Cabinet

  • Mantle Clock

    Mantle Clock

  • John Deere Collectibles

    John Deere Collectibles

  • Nice Living Room Furniture

    Nice Living Room Furniture

  • Beautiful Vintage Sofa

    Beautiful Vintage Sofa

  • Beautiful Vintage Head Vases

    Beautiful Vintage Head Vases

  • Many of These

    Many of These

  • Assorted Head Vases

    Assorted Head Vases

  • Wurlitzer Piano

    Wurlitzer Piano

  • Beautiful Vintage Hull Art Pottery

    Beautiful Vintage Hull Art Pottery

  • Nice Upholstered Furniture

    Nice Upholstered Furniture

  • RCA Victor Floor Model Radio

    RCA Victor Floor Model Radio

  • Buddy L U Haul Toy Truck & Trailer

    Buddy L U Haul Toy Truck & Trailer

  • Vintage Cast Iron Coca Cola Toy Wagon

    Vintage Cast Iron Coca Cola Toy Wagon

  • Many Jewelry Pieces

    Many Jewelry Pieces

  • Neat Jewelry Display

    Neat Jewelry Display

  • Bedroom Furniture

    Bedroom Furniture

  • Chest Of Drawers

    Chest Of Drawers

  • Dresser


  • Hoosier Style Cabinet

    Hoosier Style Cabinet

  • Many Items in Basement

    Many Items in Basement

  • Nice Flatware Set

    Nice Flatware Set

  • Enamelware Bowls

    Enamelware Bowls

  • Vintage Scales

    Vintage Scales

  • Brass Horse Clock

    Brass Horse Clock

  • Early Bicycle

    Early Bicycle

  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley

  • World Globe

    World Globe

  • Coleman Lantern

    Coleman Lantern

  • Neon American Flag

    Neon American Flag

  • RC Cola Thermometer

    RC Cola Thermometer

  • Cub Cadet Mower

    Cub Cadet Mower

  • Push Mower

    Push Mower

  • Longaberger Basket

    Longaberger Basket

  • Cast Iron Pot

    Cast Iron Pot

  • Oil Lamp

    Oil Lamp

  • Collection Of Bells

    Collection Of Bells

  • Midcentury Ash Tray

    Midcentury Ash Tray

  • Ford Sign

    Ford Sign

  • Merita Bread Sign

    Merita Bread Sign

  • Orsi Sign

    Orsi Sign

  • Child's Rocker

    Child's Rocker

  • Midcentury Turntable & Radio

    Midcentury Turntable & Radio

  • Nice Wooden Bench

    Nice Wooden Bench

  • Hanging Display Cabinet

    Hanging Display Cabinet

  • Dairy Can

    Dairy Can

  • Butter Churn

    Butter Churn

  • White House Vinegar Collectibles

    White House Vinegar Collectibles

  • Peanut Oil Lamps

    Peanut Oil Lamps

  • Cast Iron Miniature Stove

    Cast Iron Miniature Stove

  • Toy Tractor

    Toy Tractor

  • Kitchenware


  • Lane Cedar Chest

    Lane Cedar Chest

  • Assortment of Jewelry

    Assortment of Jewelry

  • Books


  • Assorted Oil Lamps

    Assorted Oil Lamps

  • Vintage Anvils

    Vintage Anvils

  • Neat Rooster Cast Iron Bell

    Neat Rooster Cast Iron Bell

  • Rooster Weather Vane

    Rooster Weather Vane

  • John Deere Display

    John Deere Display

  • Motorcycle Helmets

    Motorcycle Helmets

  • Chain Hoist

    Chain Hoist

  • Texaco Sign

    Texaco Sign

  • Trailer Balls

    Trailer Balls

  • Railroad Jack

    Railroad Jack

  • Ford Thermometer

    Ford Thermometer

  • Texaco Thermometer

    Texaco Thermometer

  • Many Tools

    Many Tools