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  • Crocks


  • Guns


  • Barrister bookcase

    Barrister bookcase

  • Bikes & Blow molds

    Bikes & Blow molds

  • Military uniform

    Military uniform

  • Military Items

    Military Items

  • Milk bottles & case

    Milk bottles & case

  • Military items

    Military items

  • Gnomes


  • JD snowblower

    JD snowblower

  • Glassware


  • Native American blanets

    Native American blanets

  • 4-drawer wood file cabinet

    4-drawer wood file cabinet

  • Antique Settee

    Antique Settee

  • Lift chair-Like New

    Lift chair-Like New

  • Cast iron pot w/lid

    Cast iron pot w/lid

  • Owl collection

    Owl collection

  • Owl collection

    Owl collection

  • New 37" Sharp TV

    New 37" Sharp TV

  • Craftsman tool box

    Craftsman tool box

  • Dairy bottles

    Dairy bottles

  • Cast pans

    Cast pans

  • Lamps


  • Wood advt. boxes

    Wood advt. boxes

  • Fishing lures

    Fishing lures

  • Fishing lures

    Fishing lures

  • Vintage bowls

    Vintage bowls

  • Vintage glassware

    Vintage glassware