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  • Original DD Coombs OOC

    Original DD Coombs OOC

  • Eye doctors apparatus

    Eye doctors apparatus

  • Handmade Tiffany glass

    Handmade Tiffany glass

  • Louis Comfort Tiffany

    Louis Comfort Tiffany

  • Surgical kit

    Surgical kit

  • Early surgical set

    Early surgical set

  • Sterling silver flatware

    Sterling silver flatware

  • Tiffany Bronze tray

    Tiffany Bronze tray

  • Sterling Serving pieces

    Sterling Serving pieces

  • Sterling candle sticks

    Sterling candle sticks

  • Sterling trays

    Sterling trays

  • Sterling basket

    Sterling basket

  • Sterling silverware

    Sterling silverware

  • Maura sterling silver

    Maura sterling silver

  • Bronchoscopic Battery

    Bronchoscopic Battery

  • Country table, vintage scale

    Country table, vintage scale

  • Early southern hunt board

    Early southern hunt board

  • Vintage wagon wheels

    Vintage wagon wheels

  • Electro shock instrument

    Electro shock instrument

  • Bronchoscopic Battery

    Bronchoscopic Battery

  • Electro cardiogram

    Electro cardiogram

  • Hooked and braided rugs

    Hooked and braided rugs

  • Early signed oil painting

    Early signed oil painting

  • Peritonescope


  • Bristol coil

    Bristol coil

  • Viso Cardiette

    Viso Cardiette

  • Mid century dining set

    Mid century dining set

  • And more medical devices

    And more medical devices

  • Early large portrait frame

    Early large portrait frame

  • Sign board

    Sign board

  • Exam chair

    Exam chair

  • Large boot jacked Blanket box

    Large boot jacked Blanket box

  • Dovetailed five board box

    Dovetailed five board box

  • Modern sculpture

    Modern sculpture

  • Drop leaf table, Windsor chair

    Drop leaf table, Windsor chair

  • Victorian wall clock

    Victorian wall clock

  • Large vintage Anvil

    Large vintage Anvil

  • Large selection of ammunition

    Large selection of ammunition

  • Red painted dressing table

    Red painted dressing table

  • L.L. Bean decoys

    L.L. Bean decoys

  • And more

    And more

  • Bath iron Works pattern molds

    Bath iron Works pattern molds

  • More ammunition

    More ammunition

  • Oriental runner

    Oriental runner

  • Step back cupboard

    Step back cupboard

  • Jewelry lots

    Jewelry lots

  • Vintage medical books

    Vintage medical books

  • More ammunition

    More ammunition

  • Many different calibers

    Many different calibers

  • Early oriental ceramics

    Early oriental ceramics

  • Emil Tris Art Work

    Emil Tris Art Work

  • Oil paintings and much more

    Oil paintings and much more

  • Emil Tris

    Emil Tris

  • Originals


  • Amari umbrella holder

    Amari umbrella holder

  • Singer number 20

    Singer number 20

  • Railroad lantern

    Railroad lantern

  • Original watercolor

    Original watercolor

  • Oregon board still life

    Oregon board still life

  • Antique stoneware

    Antique stoneware

  • To drawer side table

    To drawer side table

  • Sheridan mirror

    Sheridan mirror

  • Early painted flax wheel

    Early painted flax wheel

  • Vintage bottles

    Vintage bottles

  • Figure old cast-iron

    Figure old cast-iron

  • Sewing Bird

    Sewing Bird

  • Vintage marbles

    Vintage marbles

  • Braided rugs

    Braided rugs

  • Candle mold

    Candle mold

  • Toy stove

    Toy stove

  • Mortar and pestles

    Mortar and pestles

  • Vintage litho

    Vintage litho

  • Vintage shelf clock

    Vintage shelf clock

  • Washstand


  • Two piece mahogany bedroom set

    Two piece mahogany bedroom set

  • Andrew Wyeth prints

    Andrew Wyeth prints

  • Early pine dresser

    Early pine dresser

  • Baskets


  • Andrew Wyeth prints

    Andrew Wyeth prints

  • Carved storage box

    Carved storage box

  • Mahogany gate leg table

    Mahogany gate leg table

  • Mid century style dresser

    Mid century style dresser

  • Oak hall mirror

    Oak hall mirror

  • Mahogany easel

    Mahogany easel

  • Stacking bookcase

    Stacking bookcase

  • Painted leather dressing screen

    Painted leather dressing screen