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  • Stacking Washer & Electric Dryer

    Stacking Washer & Electric Dryer

  • Antique Oak Wash Stand

    Antique Oak Wash Stand

  • Nice Cedar Chest

    Nice Cedar Chest

  • Interior of Cedar Chest

    Interior of Cedar Chest

  • Antique Dresser w/Glass Pulls

    Antique Dresser w/Glass Pulls

  • Wash Board-Single Tree-Bucket

    Wash Board-Single Tree-Bucket

  • Crock Pots-Paper Towel Holder-7 Up Bottl

    Crock Pots-Paper Towel Holder-7 Up Bottl

  • Kitchen Utensils

    Kitchen Utensils

  • Kitchen Flatware-Knives

    Kitchen Flatware-Knives

  • Kitchen Items

    Kitchen Items

  • A Family Gathering Yard Long Picture

    A Family Gathering Yard Long Picture

  • Vintage Tricycle

    Vintage Tricycle

  • Baskets-Cabinet


  • Old Telephones-Kerosene Lamps

    Old Telephones-Kerosene Lamps

  • Baby Stroller-Large Adv. Cans

    Baby Stroller-Large Adv. Cans

  • 2-Large Primex Adv Cans

    2-Large Primex Adv Cans

  • Baskets


  • Kneehole Desk-Sewing Machine

    Kneehole Desk-Sewing Machine

  • Wall Plate Rack

    Wall Plate Rack

  • Pyrex Dishes

    Pyrex Dishes

  • Blue Stoneware Bowl-Pyrex-Corning Ware

    Blue Stoneware Bowl-Pyrex-Corning Ware

  • Antique Wicker Stroller

    Antique Wicker Stroller

  • Dishes


  • Glassware-Bowls-Dishes


  • Upholstered Chair-Cradle-Projector Scree

    Upholstered Chair-Cradle-Projector Scree

  • 1930's Waterfall Chest

    1930's Waterfall Chest

  • Sofa-Lamp Tables-Shelves

    Sofa-Lamp Tables-Shelves

  • Small Table-Magazine Stands

    Small Table-Magazine Stands

  • Childrens' Toys & Riding Toys

    Childrens' Toys & Riding Toys

  • Childrens' Toys-Card Table

    Childrens' Toys-Card Table

  • Records Including Elvis

    Records Including Elvis

  • Ceramic Christmas Tree

    Ceramic Christmas Tree

  • Card Table Chairs-Smalls

    Card Table Chairs-Smalls

  • Bed Headboards & Footboards

    Bed Headboards & Footboards

  • Deer Mirror

    Deer Mirror

  • Electric Organ w/Bench

    Electric Organ w/Bench

  • Flat Screen TV-Lamp-TV Stand

    Flat Screen TV-Lamp-TV Stand

  • Upholstered Lift Chair

    Upholstered Lift Chair

  • Vintage Steamer Trunk

    Vintage Steamer Trunk

  • Glassware-Milk Glass-Lamps

    Glassware-Milk Glass-Lamps

  • China Cabinet-Glassware

    China Cabinet-Glassware

  • Corner Stands-Glassware

    Corner Stands-Glassware

  • Tin Litho Dollhouse

    Tin Litho Dollhouse

  • Furniture-Bassinet-Smalls


  • Jr. Encyclopedias

    Jr. Encyclopedias

  • 2-Eden-Style Electric Heaters

    2-Eden-Style Electric Heaters

  • Monterey Guitar

    Monterey Guitar

  • Closer View of Monterey Guitar

    Closer View of Monterey Guitar

  • Silverplate Flatware

    Silverplate Flatware

  • Clarks Hill Colts Basketball Jersey

    Clarks Hill Colts Basketball Jersey

  • Hall Tree

    Hall Tree

  • T-Back Oak Chairs

    T-Back Oak Chairs

  • Metal Filing Cabinet

    Metal Filing Cabinet

  • Figurine


  • Wheelchair


  • Dresser


  • Bed Frame-Electric Heaters

    Bed Frame-Electric Heaters

  • Combination Floor Safe

    Combination Floor Safe

  • 14K Gold Rings

    14K Gold Rings

  • International Harvester Jacket

    International Harvester Jacket

  • Window Air Conditioner

    Window Air Conditioner

  • Syrup Jugs-Tin Cans

    Syrup Jugs-Tin Cans

  • Vintage House Doors

    Vintage House Doors

  • Shepherd's Hook

    Shepherd's Hook

  • Drilled Rendering Kettle & Stand

    Drilled Rendering Kettle & Stand

  • Stanley Pressure Washer

    Stanley Pressure Washer

  • Cow Weathervane

    Cow Weathervane

  • Rabbit Shepard's Hook

    Rabbit Shepard's Hook

  • Pepsi Thermometer

    Pepsi Thermometer