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  • Elmer Hoffman wagon

    Elmer Hoffman wagon

  • wagons


  • bow front china cabinet

    bow front china cabinet

  • dutch cupboard

    dutch cupboard

  • corner cupboard

    corner cupboard

  • oak dresser

    oak dresser

  • oak wash stand

    oak wash stand

  • oak chest of drawers

    oak chest of drawers

  • trunk


  • blanket chest

    blanket chest

  • camel back trunk

    camel back trunk

  • drop leaf table

    drop leaf table

  • inlaid table

    inlaid table

  • jelly cupboard

    jelly cupboard

  • depression BRS

    depression BRS

  • wood chest

    wood chest

  • child's painted rocker

    child's painted rocker

  • high chairs

    high chairs

  • piano stool

    piano stool

  • kitchen cabinet

    kitchen cabinet

  • refrigerator


  • electric stove

    electric stove

  • slag glass lamp

    slag glass lamp

  • oak case clocks

    oak case clocks

  • ironstone


  • asst. lamps

    asst. lamps

  • primitives


  • Griswold


  • primitive kitchenware

    primitive kitchenware

  • vintage match

    vintage match

  • collection


  • advertising


  • vintage toys

    vintage toys

  • many dolls

    many dolls

  • cabbage patch

    cabbage patch

  • Raggedy Ann

    Raggedy Ann

  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz

  • vintage Ken doll

    vintage Ken doll

  • Barbie collectibles

    Barbie collectibles

  • vintage coaches

    vintage coaches

  • vintage kitchenware

    vintage kitchenware

  • typo not Fire King

    typo not Fire King

  • Zions Church

    Zions Church

  • plates


  • painting


  • Passing Scene books

    Passing Scene books

  • silk military map

    silk military map

  • large wooden santa

    large wooden santa

  • card baskets

    card baskets

  • Easter decorations

    Easter decorations

  • NOS caps

    NOS caps

  • Reading Lines cap

    Reading Lines cap

  • uniform


  • Perry Peddlers

    Perry Peddlers

  • military shirt

    military shirt

  • vintage coats

    vintage coats

  • denim jacket

    denim jacket

  • clothing


  • alligator purse

    alligator purse

  • bonnets


  • ladies hats

    ladies hats

  • ladies hankies

    ladies hankies

  • aprons


  • table covers

    table covers

  • feed bag material

    feed bag material

  • doilies


  • braided rugs

    braided rugs

  • vintage blankets

    vintage blankets

  • many quilts

    many quilts

  • jewelry


  • Longaberger baskets

    Longaberger baskets

  • grandfather's clock

    grandfather's clock

  • promo cars

    promo cars

  • Hess trucks

    Hess trucks

  • Matchbox


  • in original boxes

    in original boxes

  • Hamburg class ring

    Hamburg class ring

  • more jewelry

    more jewelry

  • more linens

    more linens

  • more trinkets

    more trinkets

  • primitives


  • marbles


  • vintage pens

    vintage pens

  • kerosene lighting

    kerosene lighting

  • post cards

    post cards

  • Frontier Forts of PA

    Frontier Forts of PA

  • Sterling


  • weed trimmer

    weed trimmer

  • gas grill

    gas grill

  • hedge trimmers

    hedge trimmers

  • parts bin

    parts bin

  • tool cabinet

    tool cabinet

  • tools


  • nice selection

    nice selection

  • of jewelry

    of jewelry

  • quality coins

    quality coins

  • 200+ lots

    200+ lots

  • listing on the way

    listing on the way