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  • Echo Chain Saw metal sign

    Echo Chain Saw metal sign

  • Last of Bill Carter walking sticks

    Last of Bill Carter walking sticks

  • Lions International metal sign

    Lions International metal sign

  • wheat pennies

    wheat pennies

  • vintage coffee tins

    vintage coffee tins

  • unused US postage

    unused US postage

  • toolbox w/contents

    toolbox w/contents

  • vintage kitchen lot

    vintage kitchen lot

  • misc lot

    misc lot

  • glass traylot

    glass traylot

  • pottery lot

    pottery lot

  • Rock albums

    Rock albums

  • 9 pt deer rack mount

    9 pt deer rack mount

  • vintage tins

    vintage tins

  • STOP sign

    STOP sign

  • Winni & other maps

    Winni & other maps

  • maple dropleaf stand

    maple dropleaf stand

  • horse prints

    horse prints

  • baskets


  • police figurine

    police figurine

  • Paris Maine child's chair

    Paris Maine child's chair

  • vintage tool display

    vintage tool display

  • picnic basket

    picnic basket

  • carved wood figures

    carved wood figures

  • Shirley Temple doll

    Shirley Temple doll

  • Lionel train cars

    Lionel train cars

  • Mt Chocorua Sawyer print

    Mt Chocorua Sawyer print

  • vintage medicine cabinet

    vintage medicine cabinet

  • Colonial soldier prints

    Colonial soldier prints

  • egg box

    egg box

  • tobacco boxes & tins

    tobacco boxes & tins

  • fruit press

    fruit press

  • insulators


  • jewelry


  • beer trays

    beer trays

  • Waterford crystal Olympic medal

    Waterford crystal Olympic medal

  • Canadian coins

    Canadian coins

  • display case

    display case

  • Domino Sugar box

    Domino Sugar box

  • rocking horse

    rocking horse

  • buggy seat

    buggy seat

  • barometer


  • watch makers cabinets

    watch makers cabinets

  • Marthas Vineyard painting

    Marthas Vineyard painting

  • modle planes

    modle planes

  • NAPA stool

    NAPA stool

  • trading cards

    trading cards

  • toy tractor

    toy tractor

  • billy club

    billy club

  • Egyptian cloth pictures

    Egyptian cloth pictures

  • pine table w/carving

    pine table w/carving

  • Coca Cola framed poster

    Coca Cola framed poster

  • carved wooden fish

    carved wooden fish

  • Jeannette MacDonald framed poster

    Jeannette MacDonald framed poster

  • vintage pinball game

    vintage pinball game

  • book lot

    book lot

  • DVD's


  • advertising picture

    advertising picture

  • Marthas Vineyard painting

    Marthas Vineyard painting

  • cupboard w/matching mirror

    cupboard w/matching mirror

  • circus poster

    circus poster

  • Nylint fire truck

    Nylint fire truck

  • vintage game

    vintage game

  • !881 Model Army Band cap

    !881 Model Army Band cap

  • Shoe Repair sign

    Shoe Repair sign

  • Army Colonel uniform

    Army Colonel uniform

  • DVD's


  • Metal ware picture

    Metal ware picture

  • Folk Art in a bottle

    Folk Art in a bottle

  • advertising tray

    advertising tray

  • Mercury silver dimes

    Mercury silver dimes

  • Mac Jones Rookie cards

    Mac Jones Rookie cards

  • Bronze book ends

    Bronze book ends

  • coal hod

    coal hod

  • wheat pennies

    wheat pennies

  • faux antler lamp

    faux antler lamp

  • US coin lot

    US coin lot

  • book ends

    book ends

  • foreign coin lot

    foreign coin lot

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • General Custer picture

    General Custer picture

  • Salmon Falls pottery

    Salmon Falls pottery

  • Amethyst glass bar set

    Amethyst glass bar set

  • wooden advertising box

    wooden advertising box

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • quilting squares and linens

    quilting squares and linens

  • Plumb hatchett

    Plumb hatchett

  • misc lot

    misc lot

  • pink Cadiallac

    pink Cadiallac

  • glass dome displays

    glass dome displays

  • animal figurines

    animal figurines

  • vintage cat display plate

    vintage cat display plate

  • Royal Copenhagen plates

    Royal Copenhagen plates

  • Daisy butter churn

    Daisy butter churn

  • tray lot

    tray lot

  • industrial parts boxes

    industrial parts boxes

  • Wagner corn bread pan

    Wagner corn bread pan

  • pitcher & bowl set

    pitcher & bowl set

  • Lion made w/real fur

    Lion made w/real fur

  • carved wooden swan

    carved wooden swan

  • antique doll

    antique doll

  • antique electrified lamp

    antique electrified lamp

  • porcelain doll

    porcelain doll

  • Oriental figurines

    Oriental figurines

  • antique doll

    antique doll

  • bar set

    bar set

  • antique doll

    antique doll

  • ornamental coffee pot

    ornamental coffee pot

  • antique doll

    antique doll

  • umbrella stand w/umbrellas

    umbrella stand w/umbrellas

  • Oriental rug

    Oriental rug

  • Zeppelin drink strainer

    Zeppelin drink strainer

  • pair of Oriental vases

    pair of Oriental vases

  • asst china lot

    asst china lot

  • Hummel figurine

    Hummel figurine

  • crystal figurines

    crystal figurines

  • stuffed cat w/kitten

    stuffed cat w/kitten

  • pottery


  • Delft clock

    Delft clock

  • marble top carved stand

    marble top carved stand

  • Oriental vase

    Oriental vase

  • elephant figurine

    elephant figurine

  • Oriental rug

    Oriental rug

  • Manger figure

    Manger figure

  • covered basket

    covered basket

  • No Evil figures

    No Evil figures

  • Swaroski crystal animal figurines

    Swaroski crystal animal figurines

  • cowboy hat

    cowboy hat

  • Pitcher stand

    Pitcher stand

  • Hummel figurine

    Hummel figurine

  • Delft ink wells

    Delft ink wells

  • Hummel figurine

    Hummel figurine

  • Colonial figurines

    Colonial figurines

  • asst figurines

    asst figurines

  • Beyer Caroller

    Beyer Caroller

  • plant pot

    plant pot

  • Annalee elf

    Annalee elf

  • dried flower arrangement

    dried flower arrangement

  • plant pot

    plant pot

  • framed picture of Christ

    framed picture of Christ

  • Mother of Pearl handled flatware

    Mother of Pearl handled flatware

  • Abbott & Costello dolls

    Abbott & Costello dolls

  • ash can

    ash can

  • copper luster pitcher

    copper luster pitcher

  • antique bottle jacks

    antique bottle jacks

  • Child's ladder back chair

    Child's ladder back chair

  • stained glass lamp

    stained glass lamp

  • vintage sled

    vintage sled

  • Swaroski Crystal figurines

    Swaroski Crystal figurines

  • wooden crate

    wooden crate

  • Child w/pets framed print

    Child w/pets framed print

  • Swaroski crystal figurines

    Swaroski crystal figurines

  • porcelain center piece

    porcelain center piece

  • Oriental egg

    Oriental egg

  • Oriental rug

    Oriental rug

  • desk clocks

    desk clocks

  • Seltzer bottle

    Seltzer bottle

  • large wash bowl

    large wash bowl

  • beautiful tapestry

    beautiful tapestry

  • Llardo figurine

    Llardo figurine

  • Royal Doulton figurine

    Royal Doulton figurine

  • Royal Doulton figurine

    Royal Doulton figurine

  • Royal Doulton figurine

    Royal Doulton figurine

  • vintage Wiser set

    vintage Wiser set

  • Cherub lamp

    Cherub lamp

  • Oriental rug

    Oriental rug

  • garden figurine

    garden figurine

  • Washington silver quarters

    Washington silver quarters