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Estate Sale

  • Artist MIH Kevorkian

    Artist MIH Kevorkian

  • MIH Kevorkian

    MIH Kevorkian

  • Satsuma bowl

    Satsuma bowl

  • Mark on bottom

    Mark on bottom

  • Japanese lacquered scholar's box

    Japanese lacquered scholar's box

  • Top of box

    Top of box

  • 14K ring

    14K ring

  • 14K brooch

    14K brooch

  • All 14 K

    All 14 K

  • All 14K

    All 14K

  • Leather topped box

    Leather topped box

  • Costume jewelry

    Costume jewelry

  • Oriental dish

    Oriental dish

  • Bookends


  • Japanes doll in glass case

    Japanes doll in glass case

  • Humidor


  • Bronze Oriental tray

    Bronze Oriental tray

  • Character mark

    Character mark

  • Brass Indian bowl

    Brass Indian bowl

  • Girandole mirror

    Girandole mirror

  • Banjo clock Aaron Willard

    Banjo clock Aaron Willard

  • Chinese Coromandel

    Chinese Coromandel

  • Marble top teak table

    Marble top teak table

  • Champleve tray

    Champleve tray

  • Sterling frames

    Sterling frames

  • Champleve lamp

    Champleve lamp

  • 19th C. gate leg table

    19th C. gate leg table

  • Drawer to gateleg table

    Drawer to gateleg table

  • 20th C maple hutch

    20th C maple hutch

  • Footstool


  • Mahogany 19th C chest

    Mahogany 19th C chest

  • Oriental carpet

    Oriental carpet

  • 4 Stack book cases

    4 Stack book cases

  • Dough boy

    Dough boy

  • Open dough boy

    Open dough boy

  • Franklin Mint dragons

    Franklin Mint dragons

  • Child's wardrobe

    Child's wardrobe

  • Textile Oriental wall hanging

    Textile Oriental wall hanging

  • Child's 19th C. chest

    Child's 19th C. chest

  • Oriental bronze lamp base

    Oriental bronze lamp base

  • Nest of tables

    Nest of tables

  • Artist Marie Page

    Artist Marie Page

  • One drawer stand

    One drawer stand

  • 19th C. gilt mirror

    19th C. gilt mirror

  • Two stack bookcase

    Two stack bookcase

  • Mahogany library table

    Mahogany library table

  • Assorted tools

    Assorted tools

  • Newer outdoor carpet

    Newer outdoor carpet

  • Cott beverage shelves

    Cott beverage shelves

  • Assorted power tools

    Assorted power tools

  • Hand tools

    Hand tools

  • Cast iron doorstop

    Cast iron doorstop

  • Large butlers desk

    Large butlers desk

  • Mid century modern

    Mid century modern

  • Baker Bros. Mid century chest

    Baker Bros. Mid century chest

  • Smaller butler's desk

    Smaller butler's desk

  • 19th C. mirror with eagle

    19th C. mirror with eagle

  • Carved Oriental chest

    Carved Oriental chest

  • Secretary


  • 19th C. Sextant

    19th C. Sextant

  • Mid Century lamo

    Mid Century lamo

  • Chelsea ship's clock

    Chelsea ship's clock

  • Hand hooked runner

    Hand hooked runner

  • Polar bear

    Polar bear

  • Garage


  • Dagger handle

    Dagger handle

  • Dagger blade

    Dagger blade

  • View of dagger handle

    View of dagger handle

  • Masonic items

    Masonic items

  • Large Bidjar 1900's carpet

    Large Bidjar 1900's carpet

  • 15' x 12'

    15' x 12'

  • HO train set -up

    HO train set -up

  • Heavily carved 19 th C. pedestal

    Heavily carved 19 th C. pedestal

  • Early carved chest

    Early carved chest

  • Altar


  • Copper placque

    Copper placque

  • Pair Silver plate lamps

    Pair Silver plate lamps

  • English hallmark

    English hallmark