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  • Silver Bracelet original

    Silver Bracelet original

  • Quilts


  • Vintage quilts

    Vintage quilts

  • Theatre seating

    Theatre seating

  • Furniture /?Horse

    Furniture /?Horse

  • Beautiful Chest

    Beautiful Chest

  • Nice Helmet

    Nice Helmet

  • Vera Bradley new

    Vera Bradley new

  • Mickey Mouse running pocket watch

    Mickey Mouse running pocket watch

  • More lures

    More lures

  • #10 Crock

    #10 Crock

  • #12 Crock

    #12 Crock

  • iron furniture

    iron furniture

  • fishing lures

    fishing lures

  • more lures

    more lures

  • Fishing lures

    Fishing lures

  • Fishing lures

    Fishing lures

  • Metal wall sign

    Metal wall sign

  • iron furniture

    iron furniture

  • metal chairs

    metal chairs

  • Iron Furniture

    Iron Furniture

  • Antique pieces

    Antique pieces

  • Cast iron

    Cast iron

  • 1960's Baseball Cards

    1960's Baseball Cards

  • Baseball Cards

    Baseball Cards

  • Baseball Cards

    Baseball Cards

  • Baseball Cards

    Baseball Cards

  • Baseball Cards

    Baseball Cards

  • Nazi Books

    Nazi Books

  • war books, movies

    war books, movies

  • large lot of flags

    large lot of flags

  • Doll


  • Vintage


  • Suitcases


  • Battery Charger Jumper

    Battery Charger Jumper

  • Original Jaws

    Original Jaws

  • Million Dollar man

    Million Dollar man

  • Million dollar man

    Million dollar man

  • Old books

    Old books

  • Decoy


  • John Deere

    John Deere

  • Display cases

    Display cases

  • Display


  • Display cases

    Display cases

  • Coins


  • sound equipment

    sound equipment

  • mixing board

    mixing board

  • Microphone stands

    Microphone stands

  • Tonka Trucks

    Tonka Trucks

  • Campus Queen Thermos

    Campus Queen Thermos

  • Winged Wheel Antique Lantern

    Winged Wheel Antique Lantern

  • Cradle


  • Metal Bowl/ Fruit

    Metal Bowl/ Fruit

  • Metal Scounce

    Metal Scounce

  • Grape Flower Arrangement

    Grape Flower Arrangement

  • Lamp


  • Golf Clubs Hard Case

    Golf Clubs Hard Case

  • Brass Pitcher

    Brass Pitcher

  • Furniture


  • Gnomes


  •  Extreme Lg Bag

    Extreme Lg Bag

  • Paperweights


  • Tonka Tonka Steel

    Tonka Tonka Steel

  • DVDís


  • brass Ammo

    brass Ammo

  • Ammunition


  • Vintage Ball Cards

    Vintage Ball Cards

  • Brass Ammo Blank?

    Brass Ammo Blank?

  • Ball Cards

    Ball Cards

  • Ball Cards

    Ball Cards

  • Ammo


  • comics


  • more Comics

    more Comics

  • Decorative Ties

    Decorative Ties

  • Truck


  • Nice (Name brand) Sunglasses

    Nice (Name brand) Sunglasses

  • Large lot Willow Tree Figures

    Large lot Willow Tree Figures

  • Shadowbox/Miniturrs


  • vintage paperweights

    vintage paperweights

  • Cutty Shark Clock

    Cutty Shark Clock

  • 14K Gold Earrings

    14K Gold Earrings

  • 14K Gold

    14K Gold

  • Dover Oil Spout/Blue Jar

    Dover Oil Spout/Blue Jar

  • DVDís


  • Coach Tote Bag

    Coach Tote Bag

  • Coach Tote Tag

    Coach Tote Tag

  • Lead molds

    Lead molds

  • Fishing lead

    Fishing lead

  • Fishing lead weights

    Fishing lead weights

  • Lead weights

    Lead weights

  • Craftsman Charger

    Craftsman Charger

  • Keithley Multimeter

    Keithley Multimeter

  • Crochet Piece

    Crochet Piece

  • Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson

  • Corning ware

    Corning ware

  • Cast Iron Bank

    Cast Iron Bank

  • Barbie Dolls

    Barbie Dolls

  • Fishing Lures

    Fishing Lures

  • US Mess knives

    US Mess knives

  • Heavy power for amps

    Heavy power for amps