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  • East alley view

    East alley view

  • West alley view

    West alley view

  • Carpenter St. view

    Carpenter St. view

  • picket fence

    picket fence

  • Carpenter St. view

    Carpenter St. view

  • Carpenter St. view

    Carpenter St. view

  • sizeable front yard

    sizeable front yard

  • Forestville Mfg early clock

    Forestville Mfg early clock

  • excellent lift chair

    excellent lift chair

  • looks & works great

    looks & works great

  • reclining position

    reclining position

  • straight chair

    straight chair

  • MasterKraft sofa with

    MasterKraft sofa with

  • hide-a-bed


  • marble top drum tbl

    marble top drum tbl

  • marble top coffee tbl

    marble top coffee tbl

  • Golden Gate Bridge clock

    Golden Gate Bridge clock

  • ice cream parlor chair

    ice cream parlor chair

  • Vietnam era jacket, lg

    Vietnam era jacket, lg

  • 2004 Kelly Mazzante poster

    2004 Kelly Mazzante poster

  • PSU lg vest & x-lg

    PSU lg vest & x-lg

  • turtle-neck shirt

    turtle-neck shirt

  • cedar lined chifforobe

    cedar lined chifforobe

  • Victorian loveseat

    Victorian loveseat

  • gls front locking cbnt

    gls front locking cbnt

  • cherry book case

    cherry book case

  • USS San Diego

    USS San Diego

  • anchor with brass bell

    anchor with brass bell

  • sm Radio Flyer wgn

    sm Radio Flyer wgn

  • Christmas & Cabbage P dolls

    Christmas & Cabbage P dolls

  • numerous knick-knacks

    numerous knick-knacks

  • neat lamps

    neat lamps

  • necklaces


  • sterling silver pin

    sterling silver pin

  • Longaberger ornament

    Longaberger ornament

  • postage stamp pin

    postage stamp pin

  • toy box

    toy box

  • doll cradle w/child's seat

    doll cradle w/child's seat

  • Barbie's Country Camper '70

    Barbie's Country Camper '70

  • Walt Disney Play World

    Walt Disney Play World

  • Fisher-Price yacht

    Fisher-Price yacht

  • U.S.N. violin #39869

    U.S.N. violin #39869

  • anitque photography eqpmnt

    anitque photography eqpmnt

  • brass bed

    brass bed

  • folding student armchair

    folding student armchair

  • folding position

    folding position

  • flat top trunk

    flat top trunk

  • PBR framed adv print

    PBR framed adv print

  • '65 Coca-Cola cooler

    '65 Coca-Cola cooler

  • Canadian made

    Canadian made

  • record player, nds wrk

    record player, nds wrk

  • Stereophonic record plyr

    Stereophonic record plyr

  • small camelback trunk

    small camelback trunk

  • doll cradle

    doll cradle

  • Beatles '62 Introduction album

    Beatles '62 Introduction album

  • 10 Elvis albums!!!

    10 Elvis albums!!!

  • lg camelback trunk

    lg camelback trunk

  • w/insert


  • Suzie Smart on desk

    Suzie Smart on desk

  • WWII Navy uniform

    WWII Navy uniform

  • WWII Navy shirts

    WWII Navy shirts

  • WWII Navy hat, pants & legion hat

    WWII Navy hat, pants & legion hat

  • WWII bayonet, '41 Pa license

    WWII bayonet, '41 Pa license

  • Wurlitzer piano & bench seat

    Wurlitzer piano & bench seat