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  • Cape Ann Sculpture Artist

    Cape Ann Sculpture Artist

  • Side View Sculpture

    Side View Sculpture

  • Early Chinese Vase

    Early Chinese Vase

  • Antique Stafford Ink Sign

    Antique Stafford Ink Sign

  • Antique Decoy Collection

    Antique Decoy Collection

  • Antique Green Man Bell

    Antique Green Man Bell

  • Cast Iron Fry Pans

    Cast Iron Fry Pans

  • 1950s Tin Litho

    1950s Tin Litho

  • Antique Greyhound Statue

    Antique Greyhound Statue

  • Art Deco Gazzelle

    Art Deco Gazzelle

  • Aramith Standard Cue Balls

    Aramith Standard Cue Balls

  • Vintage Automobil Paperweights

    Vintage Automobil Paperweights

  • Solid Oak Craftsman Table

    Solid Oak Craftsman Table

  • Sterling Silver Medals

    Sterling Silver Medals

  • 1943 Photograph Babe Ruth Ted Williams

    1943 Photograph Babe Ruth Ted Williams

  • Warren Spahn Autographed Ball

    Warren Spahn Autographed Ball

  • Babe Ruth Tobacco Sign

    Babe Ruth Tobacco Sign

  • Sterling Silver Nut Dish Set

    Sterling Silver Nut Dish Set

  • More Sterling Dishes

    More Sterling Dishes

  • Antique European Painting

    Antique European Painting

  • Folk Art Paintings

    Folk Art Paintings

  • Sterling Silver Cigarette Lighters

    Sterling Silver Cigarette Lighters

  • Collection of Sea Glass Earrings

    Collection of Sea Glass Earrings

  • Chinese Bowl

    Chinese Bowl

  • Antique Ship Diorama

    Antique Ship Diorama

  • Tiny Metal Soldiers

    Tiny Metal Soldiers

  • Wooden Pantry Boxes

    Wooden Pantry Boxes

  • Early Porcelain Mission Bank

    Early Porcelain Mission Bank

  • Art Glass Vase

    Art Glass Vase

  • Hand Painted

    Hand Painted

  • Vintage Automobilia

    Vintage Automobilia

  • Gloucester MA print

    Gloucester MA print

  • Driving Home for Gloucester

    Driving Home for Gloucester

  • Antique Copper Bowl etc

    Antique Copper Bowl etc

  • Black Walnut Wooden Box

    Black Walnut Wooden Box

  • Antique Concrete Bird Bath

    Antique Concrete Bird Bath

  • Iron Bird Bath

    Iron Bird Bath

  • Antique Crier Bells

    Antique Crier Bells

  • Early Statue of Venus

    Early Statue of Venus

  • Weird Hatpin Hairpin Holder

    Weird Hatpin Hairpin Holder

  • Crazy Weird Ashtray

    Crazy Weird Ashtray

  • Steiff Bunny & Deer?

    Steiff Bunny & Deer?

  • Vintage Light

    Vintage Light

  • Mysterious Orb Light

    Mysterious Orb Light

  • Early Gothic Roof Gabling

    Early Gothic Roof Gabling

  • Super Industrial Table

    Super Industrial Table

  • Wise Old Owl

    Wise Old Owl

  • Creepy Lion

    Creepy Lion

  • Bronze MA Artillery Medals

    Bronze MA Artillery Medals

  • 24" Stone Monk Statue

    24" Stone Monk Statue