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  •  Goat wagon

    Goat wagon

  •  Fancy cook stove

    Fancy cook stove

  •  Mantis tiller

    Mantis tiller

  •  Rainbow vacuums

    Rainbow vacuums

  •  Accordion


  •  Flatware set

    Flatware set

  •  Fancy accordion

    Fancy accordion

  •  Beaded purse

    Beaded purse

  •  Chest of drawers  potbelly stove

    Chest of drawers potbelly stove

  •  Fancy trunk

    Fancy trunk

  •  Beautiful bedroom suite

    Beautiful bedroom suite

  •  Maple beds

    Maple beds

  •  Round table

    Round table

  •  Fancy stemware

    Fancy stemware

  •  Butcher block

    Butcher block

  •  Potbelly stove

    Potbelly stove

  •  Coke tray

    Coke tray

  •   Christmas trees

    Christmas trees

  •  Ornaments


  •  Gurley candles

    Gurley candles

  •  Gravel truck

    Gravel truck

  •  Metal globe

    Metal globe

  •  Bow and arrow’s

    Bow and arrow’s

  •  Wooden sign

    Wooden sign

  •  Wooden sign

    Wooden sign

  •  Airens  snowblower

    Airens snowblower

  •  Goat wagon

    Goat wagon

  •  Wooden skis

    Wooden skis

  • Crocks


  •  Royal Dalton Pigs

    Royal Dalton Pigs

  •  Children’s book

    Children’s book

  •  Noisemakers


  •  Old photographs

    Old photographs

  •  Johnny Walker box

    Johnny Walker box

  •  Rainbow vacuum

    Rainbow vacuum

  •  Electric lawnmower

    Electric lawnmower

  •  Lawn jockeys

    Lawn jockeys

  •  Rigid shop vac

    Rigid shop vac

  •  Quilts


  •  Chicken feeder

    Chicken feeder

  •  Wooden skis

    Wooden skis

  •  Gas Can

    Gas Can

  •  Toolbox


  •  Milkers


  •  Calf buckets

    Calf buckets

  •  Milk buckets

    Milk buckets

  •  Mixing bowls

    Mixing bowls

  •  Cream separator

    Cream separator

  •  Two door cabinet

    Two door cabinet

  •  Mission style desk

    Mission style desk

  •  Black cookstove

    Black cookstove

  •  Wicker baby buggy

    Wicker baby buggy

  •  Buggy with parasol

    Buggy with parasol

  •  Wicker baby buggy

    Wicker baby buggy

  •  Dixie flyer wagon

    Dixie flyer wagon

  •  Cedar chest

    Cedar chest

  •  Hitchcock furniture

    Hitchcock furniture