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  • old carnival games

    old carnival games

  • 2 large game wheels

    2 large game wheels

  • Sterling


  • Sterling


  • Sterling


  • Sterling


  • Sterling


  • Sterling


  • Sterling


  • Coin


  • Sterling


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Lots of Lionel trains

    Lots of Lionel trains

  • Unusual cabinet

    Unusual cabinet

  • signed & dated 1874

    signed & dated 1874

  • Samuel Alexander

    Samuel Alexander

  • Thimble drone

    Thimble drone

  • Pee Wee arcade game

    Pee Wee arcade game

  • rare H.H. Zigler

    rare H.H. Zigler

  • water cooler

    water cooler

  • Moyer Harrisburg

    Moyer Harrisburg

  • 1764 Fiireback

    1764 Fiireback

  • Carlisle Iron Works

    Carlisle Iron Works

  • Harrisburg


  • Gerald Putt w/ stamps

    Gerald Putt w/ stamps

  • nice Fr. Art Deco fire back

    nice Fr. Art Deco fire back

  • 4' high iron lawn jockey

    4' high iron lawn jockey

  • wooden cannon

    wooden cannon

  • Victorian calling card tray

    Victorian calling card tray

  • carved goose

    carved goose

  • small swiss music box

    small swiss music box

  • Unusual Vaporizer

    Unusual Vaporizer

  • nice small blanket chest

    nice small blanket chest

  • Bill Rank

    Bill Rank

  • early figural teapot

    early figural teapot

  • signed sculpture

    signed sculpture

  • Asian items

    Asian items

  • large chalkware

    large chalkware

  • fishbowl


  • large carved eagle

    large carved eagle

  • wood and tin sign

    wood and tin sign

  • wooden sign

    wooden sign

  • Tin sign

    Tin sign

  • Patinated brass floor light

    Patinated brass floor light

  • molded plywood chair

    molded plywood chair

  • lots of N.C. pottery

    lots of N.C. pottery

  • Billy Ray Hussey

    Billy Ray Hussey

  • Sentinel Catalin radio

    Sentinel Catalin radio

  • early Am. clockwork train

    early Am. clockwork train

  • 1959 Russian posters

    1959 Russian posters

  • Dauphin Co. Folk Art painting

    Dauphin Co. Folk Art painting

  • 1961 Martin Guitar

    1961 Martin Guitar

  • bad photo back good

    bad photo back good

  • large KPM style plaque

    large KPM style plaque

  • decorated pewter

    decorated pewter

  • Pittsburg


  • US Hospital

    US Hospital

  • glass powder flasks

    glass powder flasks

  • carving in Bottle 1876

    carving in Bottle 1876

  • Roseville


  • early copper tankard

    early copper tankard

  • 6' swirl glass cane

    6' swirl glass cane

  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Gold


  • Southwest jewelry

    Southwest jewelry

  • early painted box

    early painted box

  • most w/ lines

    most w/ lines

  • Burger & Lang

    Burger & Lang

  • good inlaid eagle box

    good inlaid eagle box

  • Uncut Hall & Sellers Notes

    Uncut Hall & Sellers Notes

  • bluish painted pantry box

    bluish painted pantry box

  • Folk art ship painting

    Folk art ship painting

  • Remember Pearl Harbor

    Remember Pearl Harbor

  • decorated iron clock

    decorated iron clock

  • 1865 Newspapers

    1865 Newspapers

  • Carlisle & Shippensburg

    Carlisle & Shippensburg

  • Japanese silk jacket

    Japanese silk jacket

  • nice decorated apothecary

    nice decorated apothecary

  • decorated plank settee

    decorated plank settee

  • nice patinated iron

    nice patinated iron

  • and marble sta;nd

    and marble sta;nd

  • decorated box

    decorated box

  • nice redware crock

    nice redware crock

  • rare Fertig milk bottle

    rare Fertig milk bottle

  • Nice Spool cabinet

    Nice Spool cabinet

  • Hoosier jars

    Hoosier jars

  • slag glass car vases

    slag glass car vases

  • Haviland Oyster plates

    Haviland Oyster plates

  • Jackie Coogan

    Jackie Coogan

  • candy container

    candy container

  • composition dolls

    composition dolls

  • bisque head dolls

    bisque head dolls

  • Reading bicycle pins

    Reading bicycle pins

  • Chieftain Polishes

    Chieftain Polishes

  • Victorian file box

    Victorian file box

  • carved wood pheasant

    carved wood pheasant

  • with applied plumage

    with applied plumage

  • Sterling


  • S.S. Stewart banjp

    S.S. Stewart banjp

  • nice small fraktur

    nice small fraktur

  • Pine Grove Pa.

    Pine Grove Pa.

  • Nice still life painting

    Nice still life painting

  • Women's Rights Painting

    Women's Rights Painting

  • painted on screen

    painted on screen

  • signed landscape

    signed landscape

  • J. Heitzel teapot

    J. Heitzel teapot

  • large horse weathervane

    large horse weathervane

  • contemporary


  • nice Victorian light

    nice Victorian light

  • highly inlaid secretary

    highly inlaid secretary

  • early 2 piece cupboard

    early 2 piece cupboard

  • several nice benches

    several nice benches

  • w.h. jones Boston

    w.h. jones Boston

  • nice dated blanket chest

    nice dated blanket chest

  • room size rug

    room size rug

  • nice yellow paint

    nice yellow paint

  • continental cabinet

    continental cabinet

  • early yellow blanket chest

    early yellow blanket chest

  • door out of display case

    door out of display case

  • early express wagon

    early express wagon

  • 2 nice quilts

    2 nice quilts

  • copper apple butter kettle

    copper apple butter kettle

  • carved african cane

    carved african cane

  • nice 19thC painting

    nice 19thC painting

  • Indian artifacts

    Indian artifacts

  • vintage auto soap

    vintage auto soap